'Division 2' Nemesis Guide: How to Get Blueprint & Parts for the Exotic Sniper

The Division 2 's latest update added everything players need to unlock the Nemesis Exotic Sniper. In this guide, we'll outline the basic steps required to get each of its four parts and Blueprint. Because getting the Nemesis sniper requires solid knowledge of Strongholds and the endgame, we'll spare you unnecessary details.

Division 2 Nemesis Sniper Parts

The Tally Scope

To get the first part, the Tally, you must finish the Tidal Basin Stronghold. On a second run through, get to the part where you activate the anti-viral and head into this big building.

Division 2 nemesis builing
Enter this building at the start of the Tidal Basin Stronghold. Ubisoft/widdz @ YouTube

Once inside, go up the small flight of stairs and you'll see a key on the bed.

Division 2 nemesis bed key
Grab the key from the bed towards the start of Tidal Basin. Ubisoft/widdz @ YouTube

Now, get to the end of the mission and clear out the big central room when you board the hovercraft. Instead of taking the path to the right which leads to the final boss, open the door to the Captain's Room on the left. Inside the box in that room is the Adrestia SR1. Dismantle it to get the Tally Scope.

For the next three parts, Agents must make sure the Invasion version of the following Strongholds is triggered. You'll see the button press for that on the map screen next to the "set difficulty" indicator. The invasion versions work in a rotation, so you'll probably have to wait a couple weeks to access each one.

  • The Scourge Barrel : Kill the Prime boss at the end of the Capitol Building Stronghold on Invaded.
  • The Scales Bolt : Kill the Shorty boss at the end of the Roosevelt Island Stronghold on Invaded.
  • The Bridle Stock : Kill the Klutz boss at the end of the Judiciary Square Stronghold on Invaded.

These drops should be guaranteed each time you kill the boss.

Division 2 Nemesis Sniper Blueprint

For the Blueprint, all you have to do is go to the Grand Washington Hotel mission on Invaded. The first boss is named Puck. Kill him to get Puck's Nemesis Blueprint. Completing the rest of the mission isn't necessary.

Division 2 nemesis puck
Kill Puck to get Puck's Nemesis Blueprint. Ubisoft/widdz @ YouTube

After that, simply go to the crafting bench at the Base of Operations and craft from Puck's Nemesis Blueprint.

A Review of the Nemesis Sniper's Skills

Once you have the Nemesis, here's a look at the benefits it offers.

Division 2 nemesis gun
The Nemesis has a variety of Talents that make it a very good high-damage weapon. Ubisoft/widdz @ YouTube
  • Counter-Sniper: Shots fired from this weapon deal zero to 100 percent weapon damage based on how long the trigger is held before releasing. The time to reach max weapon damage is reduced whenever a shot does not kill an enemy it hits.
  • Nemesis: Aiming at an enemy marks them as your nemesis for 15 seconds, letting you see them through walls. Your shots gain five percent damage to your nemesis for each second they are marked, to a max of 50 percent.
  • Preparation: While holstered, gain 25 percent headshot damage when scoped with your current weapon.

With these abilities, the basic strategy with the Nemesis is to mark an enemy, watch them for a handful of seconds while charging a shot and then releasing a fully loaded Counter-Sniper bullet. This is a high-damage weapon, making it perfectly suitable for bosses and the upcoming Raid. The gun was introduced just ahead of the Raid's launch, so it'll likely be helpful for that activity. That's all you need to know about the Nemesis sniper in The Division 2.

What are your thoughts on the Nemesis sniper and this Exotic quest? Were you able to find all the parts and the blueprint? Tell us in the comments section!

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