'Division 2' Perks Guide - 7 Best Perks for Leveling, Character Builds & More

The Division 2 features a wide assortment of Perks that grant passive buffs to different parts of your character's inventory. For new Agents who are just starting out, here are seven of the best Perks in the game that all players should be investing in.

The Basics of Perks in The Division 2

Division 2 inventory perk
This Perk increases your inventory space. Ubisoft/InigoMontoyaTV @ YouTube

Much like Skill variations, Perks in The Division 2 draw from the SHD Tech currency system. You can accumulate SHD Tech by leveling up, completing story missions, opening SHD Tech caches in the open world or by doing SHD Tech Side Missions. A ton of character progression systems in The Division 2 are tied to SHD Tech, but it's not too difficult to find.

The Best Perks in The Division 2

Division 2 accolades perk
With Accolades, you get XP boosts for performing simple tasks. Ubisoft/InigoMontoyaTV @ YouTube

While you'll pretty much be able to unlock any Perk you want by the end of the Division 2 campaign, here are a few Perk trees players should be focusing on first in the narrative's early hours.

  • Accolades: We mentioned the Accolade perk tree in our fast leveling guide, but its benefits are worth repeating. If you want to accumulate XP fast, you should consider investing in all five levels of Accolades. The boosts are small, so the longer you wait to unlock this one the less effective it will be. At its top level, you'll get XP for not dying.
  • Deconstruction: As you start to level up your character and gear, deconstruction of old supplies happens constantly. That being said, investing in a perk that increases your yield from deconstruction is a pretty smart idea.
  • Field Proficiency Cache: For those seeking out caches in the open world, this is an ideal perk to have. It increases the amount of materials you get from each cache, some of which can be funneled back into unlocking more of the Perks on this list.
  • Armor Kit: The Division 2 is a fairly difficult game, which means getting hit comes with the territory. To mitigate that damage, you should invest in all three levels of the Armor Kit Perk as soon as possible. Especially once you start facing high-level foes, you're going to need to be able to withstand serious blows.
  • Grenades: More so than other shooters, grenades are an extremely powerful weapon in The Division 2. Upgrading your grenades Perk lets you carry up to three more at once. Heading into later missions with large swarms of enemies, everyone in your squad should have this Perk fully stocked.
  • Inventory: In a gear-focused game like The Division 2, inventory space fills up fast. With that said, investing in the first two levels of this Perk early on can be really helpful.
  • Crafting Materials: Getting the game's best weapons-based advantages means crafting lots of Blueprints. Having the space to carry more mats is really nice.
  • Signature Weapon Ammo: Weapon ammo isn't totally scarce in The Division 2, but Ubisoft has done enough to ensure players are somewhat judicious about using it. With this Perk, you'll get more ammo for your Primary weapon. We put it last on the list because it requires a level-30 character, but it's still a must-have Perk for the endgame.

The Division 2 is available now on Xbox One, PS4 and PC. For more on The Division 2, be sure to read our guides on weapons, enemy types, Skills and more.

What are your thoughts on Perks in The Division 2? Are there any awesome perks we missed? Tell us in the comments section!

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