'Division 2' XP Leveling Guide - Best Method & How to Reach Level 30 Cap Fast

The Division 2 has a robust endgame, but you won't be able to truly experience it until your character has reached the level 30 cap. In this quick levelling guide, we'll outline a complete order of activities you should abide by to be as efficient as possible with your XP gains.

1) Very Early On: Max Your XP Skill Tree

After you complete your first mission, head back to the Quartermaster in your Base of Operations. Amongst the skills, you'll see the XP skill tree shown below. By spending Skill Points to unlock its various tiers, you'll get greater XP yield for things like multikills and headshots. At the very highest level, you'll even get increased XP just for surviving. To make the most of these skills, they should be unlocked as early as possible.

Division 2 XP perks
When you're just starting out, be sure to max out the XP skill tree. Ubisoft/MarcoStyle @ YouTube

2) The First 15 Levels: Do Story Missions Only

Story missions offer a huge chunk of XP, but it never increases. So, even if you're past the required level or play on Hard difficulty, the XP reward is always the same. With that in mind, you're best off doing all of these straight through without ever touching side missions. Mainline the campaign first.

3) The First 15 (and Beyond): Donate to Settlements

As you start to build your character and unlock Settlements, you should know that it's possible to donate your low-level gear to NPCs. If you have an old mask, someone in a Settlement can give you a small purse of XP for it. The gains aren't huge, but it may be smarter to donate than trash everything that's outdated.

4) Levels 17-20: Join a Clan or play in groups

In The Division 2, players get XP boosts for completing open-world and side activities with a clan. That being said, you're best off joining or creating one as you start to inch toward the midsection of the level cap. Your clan needs at least four members to get the XP boost, so only make your own if you have three friends to play with. If not, try to find one you can join.

Division 2 clans
Clans offer four-person squads an XP boost. Ubisoft/LaserBolt @ YouTube

5) Levels 17-20: Do Open-World Activities

Open-world activities like faction liberations and other small tasks are marked with red icons on the map. Unlike main missions that offer a static XP gain, these grant around 10 percent of the XP required to reach your next level. So, once you finish the campaign, start going district by district and sweeping through most of your open-world shenanigans. With any luck, you should be around level 20 by the end of it. Save a handful of activities for later, though.

6) Level 20-30: Side Missions

Side Missions operate like open-world ones in that they offer a scaled percentage of XP based on your level. However, instead of the 10 percent yield from the previous tasks, these offer about 33 percent. Especially when you're starting to plateau, these are the exact kinds of XP gains you're looking for. The only point of caution is to avoid doing Side Missions right before you level up because you still get the XP yield meant for the previous level. When you're caught between levels, do some of those leftover open-world activities.

Division 2 side missions
Side Missions are the fastest way to gain levels in the late game. Ubisoft/MarcoStyle @ YouTube

That's all you need to know about leveling up fast in The Division 2.

The Division 2 is available now on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

What are your thoughts on The Division 2 so far? Were you able to reach the level cap faster than you thought? Tell us in the comments section!

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