'Divorce Him': Man Slammed for Secretly Kicking Out Wife's Sister and Baby

The internet has sided with a woman who was furious at her husband after he kicked out her sister and baby who were staying with them.

In a viral Reddit post shared on Tuesday that now has over 21,000 upvotes and thousands of comments, user DalewareThrow65 shared the story.

She said: "My sister got out of a terrible relationship, moved in with me and my husband and brought her 5-month-old son. She's dealing with a handful of issues from ppd [paranoid personality disorder] to depression. I asked my husband if he'd be ok with her moving in and he said absolutely, not just this but he was the one who picked her up and brought her home."

DalewareThrow65 explained that her sister had stayed for two weeks when her husband started complaining about the baby crying and said it was causing him stress.

Continuing, she wrote: "Last week I had to go out of town to attend a funeral without my husband, he said he wanted to stay with my sister and make sure she's ok. I returned home the next day and didn't find her or her baby home. My husband said she contacted a friend in another town, wanted to move with them and left that morning. He handed me a letter and claimed it was from her."

After trying to call her sister, she discovered that she had left her phone at the house and the poster became increasingly worried with no means of contacting her sister.

"Yesterday I got a call from an unknown number," wrote the user: "It was her, we talked and she told me that she didn't leave on her own but my husband kicked her out after telling her that she was no longer welcome and she needed to take responsibility for her decisions. I was in shock as she explained that she was not with a friend but at a shelter and has no money.

"I waited 'til he got home and I blew up at him. He admitted he faked the letter and hid her phone then argued that it's his house too and he has a say, but he shouldn't have lied to me about my sister and caused her to be homeless."

She explained that she told her husband she was going to pick up her sister the following day, to which the husband threatened to change the locks.

"I'm thinking of going to a hotel but he kept saying that I'm letting my sister affect our lives by prioritizing her," she said.

According to data from Domesticshelters.org, 1,479,766 Americans are served by 1,022 shelters in the U.S. annually, and 65 percent of shelter residents are women. But this report only takes into account a small number of shelters in the U.S. and the actual number is likely higher.

Reddit users were shocked by the story and overwhelmingly sided with the woman. One commenter said: "He waited until you were out of town so that you couldn't object. So that you couldn't protect her as he not only kicked her out but took her phone so she couldn't contact you. Now, he's threatening to lock you out of your own house. You need to divorce him. Immediately."

Another user agreed and wrote: "He targeted a victim of an abusive relationship for further abuse. He timed his move for when her one advocate was out of town, and then he crafted multiple, elaborate layers of deception to make sure you could not contact each other and get her out of yet another unsafe situation he'd forced her into."

One Reddit user advised the woman: "Take care of your sister. Lawyer up. Divorce this man. There's no coming back from this. Your marriage is over and you deserve better."

In a later update, DalewareThrow65 confirmed that she had gone to stay at a hotel: "I don't care if he's going to change the locks or not," she wrote. "I'm working on meeting up with my sister as soon as possible so we can talk more openly."

Newsweek has contacted DalewareThrow65 for comment.

Anyone seeking help should call The National Domestic Violence Hotline, a free and confidential hotline available 24/7 that can be reached on 1-800-799-7233 or TTY 1-800-787-3224. The Hotline also provides information on local resources. For more information visit https://www.thehotline.org/.

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A file photo of a couple arguing. The internet has slammed a man who lied to his wife about her sister moving out, leaving her homeless. DeanDrobot/Getty Images