DIY Guru's Simple Summer AC Hack Goes Viral

A TikTok DIY star has revealed the dirty secret of failing home air conditioning units: they need a good wash.

As summer temperatures soar, the home improvement expert cooling hack is said to boost an air-conditioning unit's ability to keep cool.

The handyman states: "I figured with 20-plus years of HVAC maintenance, plumbing, electrical, carpentry, automotive, welding, a little bit of everything, I could help out a little bit."

Aaron @thewilliebeast cooling hack
Aaron posts useful household tips to his TikTok page (@thewilliebeast) in his spare time, and his recent cooling hack has gone viral. Aaron @thewilliebeast/Zenger

Aaron hails from Pittsburg, Texas, and is an industry expert who uploads useful household tips to his TikTok page (@thewilliebeast) in his spare time.

His video came as a response to a viral clip of a beach umbrella placed over an air conditioning unit in Texas where temperatures soared above 109°F in July.

After explaining that the umbrella trick does not work, the handyman goes on to show how he turns a garden hose on his own AC unit.

The 35-year-old sprays the interior of the machine and gives it a good wash as he shows all the muck pouring out.

He says: "Look up inside here. See those fins?

"They could be a lot of different styles, but one thing that happens to all of them - they get dirty. "

"All you need to do - rinse it off."

The TikTok clip has clocked more than 13 million views and 16,000 comments.

One user said: "That's exactly what my AC guy did and it works wonders now!!

"I had to pay $250 for him to use my hose and water."

Another laughed: "Are you sure this isn't how to toaster-in-the-bathtub my house?"

In an interview with Zenger News, Aaron said he's overjoyed at the response to his clip.

He said: "The positivity has been absolutely amazing, people responding back how I have helped them and asked for my assistance with other issues in their homes.

"It has only inspired me to make more videos and continue helping others and teaching them how to help themselves."

However, the handyman explained that these machines can only be cleaned when they are switched off.

He added: "If your AC is on the roof, call a professional.

"A system should be cleaned twice annually at least, once in the spring and once in the fall."

This story was provided to Newsweek by Zenger News.