DJ Tiesto Plays the 2008 Olympic Games

China has promised an Olympics this year of unparalleled grandeur and novelty. Still, when viewers tune in to the festivities next month, the Games' signature sound might seem a bit familiar. That will be thanks to Netherlands native Tijs Verwest, better known as DJ Tiesto, who blew away crowds with his live musical performances during the opening ceremony at the 2004 Athens Games. Since then, Tiesto has mixed tunes for the likes of Justin Timberlake, snagged a Grammy nomination for his album "Elements of Life" and completed four tours in Asia, Europe and North America.

Now Coca-Cola has tapped him and seven other Western musicians to compose soundtracks for the Beijing festivities. The tunes—which are paired with eight different Coke-bottle designs created by Chinese artists—reflect the theme of common global desires, such as good fortune, strength and perseverance and a healthy world. Tiesto's hypnotic electronic track "Global Harmony"—and its visual match, graphic designer Xiao Xue's baby-blue bottle with cloudlike Dr. Seussian swirls—can be previewed at Coke's Web site. The DJ's upbeat yet ethereal sound is an apt match for Xue's imagery of a future where ideals of balance and imagination reign.