Why is PewDiePie Streaming on DLive? Controversial Blockchain Platform Announces Exclusive Deal

DLIve, a new live streaming platform, has just announced that PewDiePie will be moving to the platform. Kjellberg will be streaming once a week, trying to move away YouTube Live. YouTube takes upwards of 45 percent of the revenue generated through donations and ads, while DLive takes a significantly smaller cut of the donations and earnings, making it potentially more hospitable app for content creators to use.

What is DLive?

DLIve describes itself in a press release announcing the partnership with Kjellberg as a "decentralized livestreaming community built using the Lino blockchain." The Lino blockchain takes money donated through PayPal and turns it into "Lino Points," which can be donated to streamers. Only 9.9 percent of money donated gets taken from the streamer, with the other 90 percent going directly into the content creator's pockets. That pool of money is withheld and can be either be given back to the community or used by the streamer for activities. Pewds will be taking the money in this pool to donate to other streamers while on DLive.

lino points dlive streaming pewdipie
The amount of money generated by streamers Dlive website

The platform plans to make its money by taking a small amount of Lino Points, ranging from 0.2 – 9.9 percent annually. This money is given to "infrastructure service providers, application developers, like DLive, validators and the users who contribute to the network," according to the DLive website. DLive is a proof of concept for what the Lino blockchain could potentially provide in the future.

Separate from better-known platforms like Twitch and YouTube, DLive has attracted some controversial streamers. InfoWars' conspiracy theorist Alex Jones started to stream on the platform, but was banned on April 5.

Why is PewDiePie Streaming on Dlive?

In a new video on the PewDiePie channel; Kjellberg shares why he chose to stream on DLive. "I think it's cool to have a creator-based website that actually puts creators first," he said. "I'm really excited to be live streaming again." His first stream on the platform will be on April 11 at 1 p.m. EST. His first stream will have him "stealing Mr. Beast's entire formula" and have him donating large amounts of money to fellow streamers.

A DLIve spokesperson would not confirm how long Kjellberg will stream on the platform, saying that "there is no disclosed length, as of now."

The war against T-Series continues to rage on, with each channel recently surpassing 92 million subscribers. The PewDiePie DLive channel currently features a countdown and a live subscriber count of both channels.

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