DNC Pushes Early Voting to Save Itself From Biden Gaffes, Party Radicals | Opinion

Democrats are terrified that eitherJoe Biden or the party's own radical base will scare voters away from the party, ensuring President Donald Trump's re-election. They're right to be concerned. But rather than address the issues head-on, they're trying to get your vote before the damage is done.

The Democratic National Convention (DNC) shared an overarching theme of promoting the Biden/Harris ticket as saving democracy from the crushing grip of a fascist president. To that end, speakers encouraged Democrats and undecided voters, perhaps ephemerally swayed by their messages, to cast their votes as early as humanly possible.

"We've got to request our mail-in ballots right now, tonight, and send them back immediately and follow up to make sure they're received, and then make sure our friends and families do the same," former First Lady Michelle Obama implored the public during her Monday night speech.

This strategy isn't meant to avoid a 2016 scenario from repeating itself. Indeed, Hillary Clinton earned three million more votes than then-candidate Donald Trump. The strategy is not even just intended to address the reasonable concern that, during a pandemic, voters may stay home to avoid catching the coronavirus. And it's easy—and lazy—to claim that the intention is to surmount the conspiracy that Trump is trying to suppress the vote.

The desperation by the party's bigger-name, more mainstream politicians betrays their worry: Joe Biden and the party's base of irrational, radical activists will scare off moderate Democrats and independents. And the longer voters haven't cast their ballots, the longer they have the opportunity to be exposed to Biden's questionable mental fitness and the unquestionable unreasonableness of radical progressive ideas.

Joe Biden hasn't been doing many live events in which he's posed tough questions by reporters. Instead, his team has kept him to pre-produced, scripted and controlled video events. Interviews with legitimate journalists? Hard pass. Bring in Cardi B.

When Biden goes live, he's a gaffe machine. He'll accuse you of not being Black enough—and then say you're not all that ideologically diverse. He'll dismiss your concerns of losing your job as a coal miner, scolding you to learn how to code. And if you ask him for his website, he'll give you his text-in campaign number.

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden
Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden Win McNamee/Getty Images

The more he speaks, the more questions about his mental fitness seem to come up. Whether fair or not—whether made in good faith or not—this particular concern has plagued his campaign. And when he's asked about it, he doesn't just snap. He answers in a way that makes you further question his mental fitness.

"Come on, man. That's like saying you, before you got on this program, you take a test where you're taking cocaine or not. What do you think? Huh? Are you a junkie?" Biden snapped at CBS News reporter Errol Barnett, who is Black.

Biden can't avoid live, hard-hitting interviews for much longer. And he has three upcoming debates. He's very clearly not as mentally sharp as he once was, and he gets confused often. Whether it's searching for a word or phrase ("We hold these truths to be self-evident. All men and women are created, by the, you know, you know the thing") or the frequency in which he gets lost in his notes or script, his mistakes are evident and embarrassing. Reading from a teleprompter after lots of practice? He can nail it. The DNC speech made that clear. But maintaining that level of composure and clarity while doing an interview or standing on the debate stage won't be easy. And enough gaffes could push a moderate Democrat or independent, concerned about Biden's mental fitness, over to Team Trump.

And then there are the Democrats' radical activists.

Between their random assaults and arson in Portland, demanding white homeowners give up their homes and pay reparations in Seattle and coordinated attacks on cops in Chicago, progressive, socialist, and Marxist activists in the party are busy forwarding their vision for America. It's frightening.

During daytime sessions for the DNC, activists (including one who identifies as a "mermaid Queen-King") have promoted abolishing police and prisons, claimed you'll go to hell if you don't turn away from Trump's policies and rejected the Pledge of Allegiance. And, of course, notorious anti-Semite Linda Sarsour earned time at the convention. How offensive and unfortunate.

The more these activists speak—and the more they criminally act out in our streets—the easier it is for a voter to cast a vote for President Trump. His campaign has smartly pivoted to a law-and-order theme, understanding that while most Democratic lawmakers refuse to condemn (or even acknowledge) the riots, American citizens of all political stripes understand this can't go on. You won't find many reasonable voters on either side of the political aisle who think looting is a legitimate form of reparations—this plays well for Trump.

The Democratic establishment knows there's only so much they can do to stop people from questioning Biden's mental fitness. And they're certain they can't silence the radicals in their own party. A good way to combat the threat both these issues pose is to encourage early voting. Get your ballots, fill them out and send them in! Democrats will tell you it's to ensure your vote is counted because evil Trump will try to stop it from being counted. But what they're actually hoping is that you'll vote for Biden before you realize it was a mistake.

Jason Rantz is a frequent guest on Fox News and is the host of the Jason Rantz Show on KTTH Seattle, heard weekday afternoons. You can subscribe to his podcast here and follow him on Twitter @jasonrantz.

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