Doctor Reveals Worst Thing He Has Done on the Job in Video Viewed 2 Million Times

A doctor in the U.K. has revealed that treating a man with a prolonged erection is one of the worst things he has had to do in his professional career.

Dr. Karan Raj, a surgeon for the U.K.'s National Health Service who has over 4.2 million followers on Tiktok, encourages users to ask him questions on the social media platform.

One user asked him to reveal the worst thing to happen to him on the job, prompting Dr. Raj to recount treating a man with a prolonged erection.

In the video, viewed 2.4 million times, Dr. Raj explains he was doing one of his last shifts in the emergency room before he moved on to working in the surgery department, and says "it was a spicy one."

Dr. Raj was surprised to notice his patient, a young man, was hunched over in pain and covering his groin with a towel as if trying to hide an erection.

The patient told him he had taken too many erectile dysfunction pills and had had an erection for five hours. The man told Dr. Raj that he had tried "everything" to try to get rid of his erection, including running, peeing and masturbating.

"On the outside I try to appear calm but on the inside I'm worried," Dr. Raj says in the video, explaining that any erection lasting longer than two hours is "bad news" and known as priapism.

According to Mayo Clinic, there are two main types of priapism, with ischemic, where blood cannot leave the penis, being the most common.

Ischemic denotes a condition related to restricted blood supply to tissue. The second type is nonischemic, where the blood flow to the penis isn't regulated properly.

It appeared the man described in the video had ischemic priapism as Dr. Raj referred to blood not being able to drain out of the man's penis.

Dr. Raj explained the longer priapism lasts, the more likely it is that the penis will suffer tissue damage as the cells become starved of oxygen. This can in turn lead to problems such as erectile dysfunction, he said.

To treat the patient, Dr. Raj inserted a needle into a part of his penis known as the corpus cavernosum to remove some of the blood. The process is known as detumescence.

"After lots of jumping and screaming we manage to get rid of his marathon boner and save his penis," Dr. Raj says in the video.

"Doctors are often accused of not being empathetic but this time I felt it... maybe not as much as he did."

Dr. Raj, who also has 260,000 followers on Instagram, told Newsweek: "I started my Tiktok to combat misinformation and inaccuracies that were circulating about COVID and the vaccines throughout the pandemic and I quickly realized people were interested in this and general health and medical knowledge.

"The response to the videos have generally been positive with lots of messages from younger viewers saying they've been inspired to pursue a career in healthcare or that they've changed some habit or their life in some way after watching my videos."

This article has been updated with comment from Dr. Raj.

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