When Is Jodie Whittaker Regenerating on 'Doctor Who'?

It was announced on July 29, 2021 that Jodie Whittaker would be saying goodbye to the role of The Doctor.

The actor has portrayed the 13th iteration of the Time Lord since 2018, the first woman to do so, but the character will soon be regenerating to make way for another.

Ever since, it has been speculated who will take over the role from Whittaker, and a number of actors have already been named as potential successors, including Olly Alexander, Richard Ayoade, and Lydia West.

While it's known she's leaving the role, Whittaker still has a while yet until she officially departs.

Why Is Jodie Whittaker Leaving the Role of The Doctor?

Showrunner Chris Chibnall announced he was also departing the sci-fi franchise with Whittaker as they had a deal to only make three seasons together.

In a statement regarding her departure, Whittaker said: "I cannot thank Chris enough for entrusting me with his incredible stories.

"We knew that we wanted to ride this wave side by side, and pass on the baton together. So here we are, weeks away from wrapping on the best job I have ever had."

She added: "I don't think I'll ever be able to express what this role has given me. I will carry the Doctor and the lessons I've learnt forever."

Whittaker, like her predecessors, is passing on the baton after three seasons and a number of one-off episodes in the role.

Russell T. Davis, who was showrunner for both Christopher Eccleston and David Tennant's tenures as The Doctor, will be returning to the franchise after they leave.

When Will Jodie Whittaker's Doctor Be Regenerating?

Whittaker is currently appearing in her final season as The Doctor, which has been given the unique title "Flux" and will end on Sunday, December 5.

However, the actor will not be leaving the role following the finale of Doctor Who's 13th season as she will also be appearing in three specials in 2022.

The first special will air on New Years Day in 2022, while the second is set to be released in Spring 2022.

The third special is a feature-length episode that will air in Late 2022 in celebration of the centenary of the iconic franchise.

Whittaker's iteration of the Doctor will regenerate in this final special, and it is then that the next actor to portray the character will also be revealed in the role.

Whittaker will be joined in the specials by Mandip Gill and John Bishop as Yasmin Khan and Dan Lewis, respectively.

Bishop made his debut in "Flux", becoming The Doctor's companion after Bradley Walsh and Tosin Cole departed the show. Walsh will reprise his role as Graham O'Brien in the third special.

The finale of "Flux" airs at 8 p.m. EST on BBC America.

Jodie Whittaker
Jodie Whittaker visits the Build Series to discuss Season 12 of the BBC America series “Doctor Who” at Build Studio on January 06, 2020 in New York City. Whittaker will depart the role of The Doctor in 2022. Gary Gershoff/Getty Images