Does 'PUBG Mobile' Have Bots? Most Likely, But There's A Reason

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My first game in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Mobile, I was an absolute beast. Staring down my crosshairs I killed five players, an unbelievable rush that I never thought I'd be able to do. Normally, I'm awful at battle royales, going months before even getting my first player kill in Fortnite . I don't have the dexterity to play on PC and my shoddy aim on an Xbox controller is the ultimate handicap. Even with all of that baggage, PUBG Mobile made me feel like I was a solid player.

Until I checked the news.

Turns out the first few games of PUBG Mobile you play are filled with bots. A.I. controlled soldiers who have no problem dying to inflate your ego parachute in to be slaughtered over and over again. For the first few levels, your games are filled with these moronic victims, filling your kill feed and making you want to play more. My PUBG Mobile games were mostly bots until I hit level 10, when it was clear I was up against real people.

Why Are There Bots In PUBG Mobile? Tencent's Plan To Ease You In

Tencent Games, PUBG's distributor hasn't released comment on the situation, leaving players in this Schrodinger's Cat situation. We know that there are bots in PUBG Mobile, but at the same time without confirmation, they could just be really bad players. Bad players that run into your bullets and have problems opening doors, but I could say the same things about my real life friends.

The media has been running with the PUBG Mobile bots story for the last few days, assuring players that they aren't actually good at the game. A wall of shame has popped up on the PUBG subreddit for those boasting about their amazing skills shooting robot-controlled fish in a barrel.

I'm perfectly alright with the first few matches of a battle royale on mobile being filled with robots. Understanding the mobile controls can be difficult, especially if you've never played PUBG before. Winning in a room by yourself isn't the most rewarding, but that's just for a few games. If you're desperate to immediately lose a few games against real people while taking a dump at work, hope for a Fortnite Mobile beta code. All of those players are real and love reminding how me much I still suck.

How many PUBG Mobile bots have you slain? Tell us your tally in the comments.

Does 'PUBG Mobile' Have Bots? Most Likely, But There's A Reason | Gaming