Dog Acts Uneasy on Nighttime Walk, Only for a Lion to Appear to Owner's Horror

When one pet owner took his dog for a walk the last thing he expected was a lion to appear out of the darkness.

In footage, which was shared to TikTok by a man called Sam Pepper, we can see the dog walking ahead of his owner.

As the animal keeps stopping and staring into the dark night, Pepper can be heard explaining: "I've been out here walking for my dog for a minute and he's spooked. He's spooked about something."

In the video, which has been watched more than 11.8 million times, the man then reassures his pet by saying: "Its okay. Its okay boy."

The dog pauses and stares into the distance again as the man says: "Something has been following us. No boy come on its okay."

The animal then stops in his tracks and out of the darkness emerges a lion cub, causing the pet to scarper.

Pepper can be heard exclaiming: "Ah its a lion!"

Text overlaying the footage, which can be watched here, reads: "Why you should always trust your dogs instincts."

Although the context or location of the encounter is not yet known, Newsweek has reached out to Pepper for comment.

Pepper captioned the unbelievable scene writing: "My dogs sense are better than my own. #petsoftiktok #dogsoftiktok."

The amazing moment has garnered lots of traction online since it was posted on November 16, having attracted more than 2 million likes and nearly 60,000 shares.

Additionally, 15,600 people have rushed to the comments section to share their thoughts on the dog's actions.

One TikTok user, Zen Zen, wrote: "My dad taught me: If a dog barks loudly, there's people and other dogs. If your dog just quietly stares at a direction, that's danger."

Another person, Jack, added: "Why is nobody asking why a British person has encountered a lion on a dog walk."

Hayley_Arnold21 typed: "I don't know what's funnier. The lion tryna figure out what y'all freaked out about or the dog leaving you in the dust."

Stephen Rowland observed: "Dogs are the most loyal companion until they see a lion."

Go Plant A Tree asked: "Am I high or was that actually a lion?"

Astasolos stated: "The lion be like: A LION?! WHERE."

Tessa G commented: "Just a young female, she seemed more curious than anything but could still be dangerous, wouldn't stop me from trying to pet her though."

It's Trendie joked: "Good job you caught it on camera otherwise people would have thought you're lion."

Dog and lion
Stock images of a dog and a lion. On TikTok a video has gone viral showing the moment a lion appeared out of the darkness while a man was walking his dog. iStock