Dog Adopts Gosling To Live With Her Litter of Puppies in Adorable Video

A woman has revealed her dog has adopted a gosling, who now appears to be growing up with her puppies.

Meaghan Madison lives on a farm, and regularly shares clips on TikTok revealing all about raising cattle.

Meaghan previously shared a video dedicated to her pet, a blue heeler, who she described as her "best friend." It seems her best friend is now a mother as well.

In a clip that has been watched millions of times, the farmer shared an adorable video of her four-legged friend with a litter of puppies.

But one looks a little different from the others—as a gosling seems to be part of the brood.

The clip, uploaded earlier this month, shows the dog gingerly fetching a gosling and bringing her back onto a blanket with the rest of her litter.

The baby goose repeatedly tries to escape, seeing mum picking it up and bringing her adopted child back inside over and over again.

"Goose is the trouble child," Meaghan jokingly captioned the video.

More than 11 million people have watched the video, with Princess Daisy writing: "That is one of her puppies."

Adam Smock commented: "Lol that duck got bullied into being loved."

Terea Claypool & Christopher gushed: "Awww that dog thinks that duck is part of his family so adorable."

Shelby.lh observed: "Consider the ducky adopted."

And JoJo added: "That's so cute she thinks that baby duck is her baby."

It's not clear what happened to the gosling's mum or siblings, but animals have been known to adopt orphans, even of different species.

A touching story moved people to tears earlier this month, after a mare who lost her foal adopted a colt who lost his mom.

Iris Pinkster, 30, and Sanne Kolman, 22, shared a moving video to their TikTok page, Equitality, earlier this month.

The pair, from The Netherlands, revealed their mare, Citty Z, had tragically lost the foal she was expecting this summer.

They told Newsweek Citty Z, 12, lost her foal seven weeks early, and they shared the story on Facebook in case any foals needed a foster mom.

One responded, saying: "This was 3 days after our mare lost her foal, so she still had milk. We told them they could bring the foal right away and see if the mare would accept her new baby. The foal will go back to his owners once he is old enough. If there is any chance of buying him, then of course we would do so!

"Luckily Citty accepted her new baby right away. They were just in love from the start! They are both doing so well. It is always tricky if the mare will accept the foal, but we were in luck. The foal was already weak so it would be very tricky for him if she didn't accept him."

Newsweek contacted Meaghan for comment.

Stock image of a gosling and dog
Stock image of a gosling in the hands of a man with a small dog. A woman shared a video to TikTok showing her pet dog who's adopted a gosling. Getty Images/Marrypopins