Dog's Adorable Reaction to Cat in Video Game 'Stray' Captured in Video

Stray, the video game that sees players take control of a stray cat attempting to traverse an unknown world filled with robots and mutant bacteria, is proving a hit with gamers and animals alike.

Perhaps it's the game's imaginative premise, Grand Theft Auto-style open world gaming elements, or the fact it features the internet's most popular pet, but for whatever reason Stray has been garnering almost universal praise.

Animal welfare charity PETA has even been among those to praise the game, giving it "top marks" for "accuracy" in the way it portrays the life of a stray cat.

But the love for Stray isn't just restricted to its human players. A Twitter account,
CatsWatchStray, has been busy highlighting the number of felines finding themselves drawn to the PlayStation 5 title.

However, the animal-led obsession does not end with cats, as a series of videos shared to TikTok by dog owner Jenn Tenczar demonstrate. The clips capture her dog Kola's current obsession with the game and have proven popular online, amassing over 4.3 million views. The first of the two clips can be viewed here.

The internet is littered with examples of dogs taking an interest in whatever is on the TV. According to dog behaviorist Cesar Millan, our canine companions love watching the tube almost as much as their human owners.

"Dogs love to watch things," he told Quartz. "That's how they learn. When the dog went inside with the human, the window became his first TV. Humans now spend a lot of time getting information and entertainment from TV... That's how the dog finds out that that is the way of entertainment."

According to Millan, a dog's viewing habits are, perhaps unsurprisingly, shaped by their owners with dogs often aping the reactions of their human companions. "Each household has its own culture and the dog becomes part of that," Millan explained. "You have households that watch movies a lot and the dog becomes, you know, a Jumanji lover."

With TV screens proving sharper than ever and gaming graphics increasingly photo realistic, many canines are also finding themselves caught out when it comes to watching animals and nature on television—two firm favorites among those dogs tuning in every night.

So it's hardly a surprise to see Kola reacting so dramatically to events on the screen in her video game-loving home.

In the first of the two viral clips, she can be seen watching as the titular Stray slips off the roof of a house. Quick as a flash, Kola is over to the screen, seemingly expecting to find a small cat in need of help on the floor beneath the television.

One viewer, posting as lividoverseer, was convinced Kola was attempting to come to the cat's rescue. "She tried to save it," they wrote. Fumbduckery agreed, writing: "she was gonna save da kitty!"

Another, writing as MistahPokey, lamented: "For the rest of her life she's gonna regret not being fast enough to save that cat." Jonathan Acre was in awe of "the way she dove for the kitty, while Vinnie The Eel said: "We don't deserve dogs. Not one bit. I love this so much. What a kind gentle giant."

The second of the two viral videos, which can be watched here, sees Kola getting up close to the screen to growl at the stray cat while standing on her two hind legs.


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Despite this visible anger, however, Kola is clearly captivated by proceedings and can be seen later watching on, wagging her tail, as her owner plays away.

Things get even more exciting for the canine when a further two cats appear, with Kola's eyes fixed firmly on the screen, eager to see what her new feline friends do next.

Her reaction to the game sparked delight among pet fans following along on social media. Veronifun said it was "so adorable," while give_creators_credit was convinced Kola was telling her new feline friend "run cat run."

Jessica Nelson, meanwhile, urged Kola's owners to "get that doggo a cat right now."

Newsweek has contacted Tenczar for comment.

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A dog watching television.
Stock image of a dog watching television. One canine's reaction to the video game "Stray" is proving popular online. Ryan McVay/Getty