Dog Has Hilarious 'Brain Shutdown' as Vet Puts Recovery Cone on in Viral Video

The adorable moment an American Bully froze in place and appeared to stop working when he received his cone has gone viral online.

The video has gained over 6 million views in one day after dog Mushu's hilarious reaction at the vets was captured.

With Mushu's head back, the vet placed the clear cone around his neck—used to prevent a dog from irritating an injury or stitches.

Mushu immediately froze in place as his eyes doubled in size. "It's okay Mushu," reassured his owner, albeit without any success.

"Mushu, come here baby," they called, which again proved unsuccessful. Instead, the dog stayed exactly put, failing to move even when a treat was waved in his face.

A change of environment didn't lead to a change of heart for Mushu either, as later posts showed him refusing to move while at home too. "Someone is not happy with his cone," wrote his owner in a video, as they showed him perched on the sofa.

The video can also be seen here.

Although Mushu's reaction is hilarious, it's far from uncommon, with online dog forums filled with questions and similar stories.

"When the cone goes on, he seems to lose the will to live and will sit or lay down sadly wherever he is and refuse to move except for the best of treats," wrote one dog owner.

"She absolutely FROZE. Would not move, lie down—I don't even think she blinked. We kept giving her tiny treats and making a big deal about how good she was and eventually after a few hours she was walking around with it," commented another.

One dog owner noted that: "With this thing on his head he just wont move he'll just stand stiff with his head down and tail between his legs or lie down with coaxing."

According to East Valley Animal Hospital, making sure a dog has lots of space to move around without bumping into things is important, as well as making adjustments so they are able to eat and drink comfortably still. If all else fails, alternatives like inflatable cones exist too.

Mushu's instant reaction to the cone has garnered attention online, with users rushing to comment on the hilarious moment, as well as share anecdotes of similar stories.

"That's one scared martini glass," wrote one TikTok user.

"He turned into the statue of liberty," added another.

"Mine froze too and just kept giving super concerned side eye. It took him two days before he wasn't bothered enough by it and started moving again. Then he used the cone to bully his brother by hitting him with it," commented one Reddit user on a repost of the video.

"Brain shutdown. Needs a restart," joked a Reddit user.