Dog Named 'Bullet' Prevents Armed Robbery

An attempted corner store armed robbery has been foiled by a dog aptly named "Bullet," according to the store manager.

A gun battle broke out on Tuesday morning at the Big A corner store on Torresdale Avenue in Philadelphia, Wisconsin. Two men entered the store armed with guns and aimed them at the store clerk and the manager.

Store manager Sammy Aloubehi spoke to CBS Philly's Matt Petrillo about the incident and said Bullet was the reason he and his 32-year old-clerk are alive now.

Petrillo also posted security footage of the incident to his Twitter page.

"Two people come in with a big gun and a small gun. They come straight up to all the way here with the gun at the girl's head and my head, they say don't move" he said.

Security footage showed the moment the two individuals entered the store and pulled out their guns.

It also showed Aloubehi behind the counter and a store clerk sitting down on a sofa.

When one of the suspects points a gun at the store clerk, the dog steps up on its hind legs and jumps all over the suspect.

At this point, the clerk takes out a gun and fires at the would-be robbers. The pair of suspects then flee the store as they fire back at the clerk.

Police have said the clerk was struck four times and is getting treatment for her injuries at Jefferson-Torresdale Hospital. Speaking on her well-being, Aloubehi said she is doing well.

Aloubehi also showed the bullet holes in the sofa and the wall. He added that the shooting could have turned deadly if it not for the actions of his dog.

"If [Bullet] didn't move the guy and cover him, he would shoot the girl before she shot him," he said.

"He did help, he saved my life and her life."

No arrests have yet been made but police have recovered one of the guns left behind by the suspects.

Newsweek has contacted the Philadelphia Police Department for comment.

In November of last year, Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney issued a statement regarding violent crime in the city. This speech came after the city reached 500 homicides in 2021.

He said that his administration took the ongoing crisis of violence seriously and would do everything in their power to reduce gun violence.

"I am heartbroken and outraged that we've lost 500 Philadelphians, including many children and teenagers, to needless violence this year," he said in his speech on November 24.

"I never stop thinking about the victims and their family and the incredible loss these senseless deaths leave behind."

"As we close in on the end of a year where we saw unprecedented levels of shootings and homicides, part of a disturbing trend nationwide, I want all residents to know that our administration takes this crisis very seriously. We [will] continue to act with urgency to reduce violence and save lives.

"There is no greater priority for our administration than to reduce violence and create safer communities and a more just city for everyone."

Stock image of a gun and bullets. An attempted corner store armed robbery was foiled by a dog named Bullet, according to the store manager. Getty Images