Dog Balances Drinks on His 'Booty' in Hilarious Viral Video

Do you remember when Kim Kardashian tried to "break the internet"?

Back in 2014, the reality star featured on the front cover of Paper magazine with strapline and it was shared widely online.

In the picture, shot by the legendary Jean-Paul Goude, the businesswoman had a glass resting on her derriere as the champagne bottle she held sprayed liquid over her head and into the vessel.

Well, now it has happened again, but this time with a dog on TikTok.

In footage shared to the app by an account called Good.boy.ollie a chocolate Labrador can be seen resting different full drink glasses on his behind—and it has been watched by a whopping 37.5 million people.

The video, which can be viewed here, starts with the sweet pet, whose name is Ollie, smiling into the camera as the text reads: "Watch me balance things on my booty. Drinks edition."

The shows a video montage of the dog with his front legs on the ground and his "booty" in the air, and on top of this he balances a full teapot, a glass of water, a bottle of fruit drink, a mug of coffee and a wine glass full of juice


Reposting bc the sound was removed ✨ THE COFFEE WAS COLD! #balance #dogsoftiktok #goodboy #labrador

♬ original sound - Johnny Sibilly

The hilarious video is captioned with the words: "THE COFFEE WAS COLD! #balance #dogsoftiktok #goodboy #labrador."

Since the funny clip was posted on July 23 it has gained lots of traction online, having surpassed 6.8 million likes and 654,800 shares.

Additionally, more than 69,200 people have rushed to the comments section to share their opinions on the humorous footage.

One TikTok user, Leanne Dibb-Fuller wrote: "His knowing smirk on the third drink."

Another person, Soph Jade, added: "Not Ollie's nostrils flaring in sync to the "get it get it get it" at the start."

Crystal typed: "Oh my god such a good boy I love Ollie so much."

Kardelen Yildirim joked: "Omg Kim K has changed so much [sad-face emoji] [sad-face emoji]."

TamRachelle stated: "The wine glass balance was surprisingly seductive."

Muzicclout shared: "He is talented and he knows it lmao."

MolsonandMaple commented: "Ollie, save some girls for the rest of us."

Nicole opined: "omg [oh my god] this feels so wrong to look at why the back shots?!"

Paige Swentzel asked: "How do you realize one day your dog has this skill."

In other news of dogs doing impressive things a video recently went viral of a very sleepy golden retriever puppy appearing to play the drums.

Posted on July 20 by Tuckedouttucker the footage has been watched by 65.7 million people.

A stock image of a Labrador dog. A similar dog has gone viral on TikTok for his skill in balancing drinks on his behind. iStock

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