Internet Obsessed With Cleaning Hack for Dog Who Loves Sprinkler: 'Genius' 

A video of a hack for bathing your dog has gone viral on TikTok, where it has received 2.1 million views.

The clip, shared by @alexamoondo, shows a pit bull running around grass while the sprinklers were on. A message overlaid on the clip reads: "Dog hack. I cover him in shampoo before the sprinklers come on."

Dog bathed outdoors.
A stock image of a terrier getting bathed in a small tub outdoors. A video of a hack for bathing a dog using sprinklers outdoors has gone viral on TikTok. iStock / Getty Images Plus

How to Bathe Your Dog

"The common habit of washing dogs under the garden hose, using cold water, is not recommended and is often why dogs dislike being bathed," veterinarians Ryan Llera and Cheryl Yuill wrote in an article for VCA, one of North America's largest animal-hospital chains.

Llera and Yuill added that dogs should be washed in warm water partly because it's more comfortable for the canines, but also "because shampoos clean more effectively in warm water."

The veterinarians recommend bathing your dog in either a laundry tub, bathtub or a walk-in shower stall, depending on their size.

You'll also want to be careful not to get any shampoo in your dog's eyes. This can lead to a corneal ulcer, an erosion of the membrane that forms the front of the eyeball, veterinarians Malcolm Weir and Ernest Ward explained in another article for VCA.

Corneal ulcers are commonly caused by a chemical burn, when an irritating chemical or substance, such as shampoo, gets in the dog's eye, the veterinarians added.

Llera and Yuill said that, after applying the shampoo, it must be worked through the dog's entire coat to remove all dirt and debris. For routine bathing, the product can be rinsed out straightaway. But, when using a medicated shampoo, it must sit on the coat for around five to 10 minutes before it's thoroughly rinsed out.

How Often Should I Bathe My Dog?

Bathing your dog regularly is essential for maintaining the health of their skin and fur. It also helps reduce body odors, advises the Veterinary Teaching Hospital of Washington State University.

How often your canine needs to be bathed will vary by age, lifestyle, hair coat type, and underlying health. "Most dogs require bathing on an occasional basis, usually when their coat becomes dirty or when they develop a 'doggy odor'," said Llera and Yuill.

Dogs that don't shed and have no health issues typically need to be bathed about every six to eight weeks. Canines with a heavy undercoat will "benefit from bathing in the spring or fall when they undergo their seasonal shedding," the veterinarians added.

'Work Smarter, Not Harder'

Several TikTok users praised the dog hack in the latest viral video. Josselyn wrote, "This is soooo SMART," while Sadie posted, "Work smarter not harder."

Kajed_Beast wrote: "Give him a pat afterward to make sure it's all out, but Fing genius!"

Allison Fabulous posted: "That's brilliant." User @soalstealerswife commented: "That's actually genius cuz my dog hates baths but LOVES getting sprayed w/the hose."

Others were concerned about getting shampoo in the dog's eyes as well as the shampoo not being good for the environment as it's rinsed off onto the grass.

SinisterGriffin wrote: "Make sure to get all the shampoo off afterwards. It can be harmful if you leave some on."

The hash slinging slasher added: "it [the shampoo] could get in his eyes though."

Helina Wuestewald posted: "No DO NOT DO THIS!!!!! Soap in their eyes can cause chemical burns..."

Haley Neilson asked: "Is dog shampoo eco friendly enough for that? Because if so, this is genius."

Jessica Lang wrote: "how to destroy the environment 101. how is that not common knowledge? don't use chemicals like shampoo in nature!"

Newsweek has contacted the original poster for comment via TikTok. This video has not been independently verified.

Do you have any dog care hacks to share? Send them to with some details, and your tips could be featured by Newsweek.

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