Irish Setter Ignoring Owner by Bringing Huge Stick Indoors Delights Viewers

A clip of an Irish red setter dog closely guarding a stick he has just brought into the house has gone viral on TikTok with more than 1.5 million views.

In the video, 16-month-old Marley can be seen maneuvering a large stick through the dog flap into the house. His owner can be heard saying, "Marley, what do you think you're doing," before chasing him around the house, trying to retrieve the stick. Marley avoids her but keeps eye contact.

One user commented: "If he can figure out how to go through the dog door with it, I think he's earned his right to it!"

"He's a professional doofus," Marley's owner Heidi Oley told Newsweek, a 34-ear-old hairstylist from Atlanta. "He brings in stick everyday. Some large and some so small that I don't even see them until there are tiny pieces all over the carpet and couch.

"I did finally get the stick in this video off Marley. That was in fact the sixth time I had taken that particular stick off him that day. I kept throwing it back outside but he managed to bring it back in every time."

Irish Red Setter with stick
A stock image of an Irish red setter with a stick on grass. A dog similar to the one in this photo has delighted TikTok by bringing a large stick into his owner's house. Wavetop/Getty Images

Some users shared their own experiences of owning Irish red setters, with one commenting, "Irish Setters are either 1 of 2 things, completely serious and stoic, or this, goofballs." Another user wrote: "You melted my heart. My husband raised and showed Setters in the 80's. We had three of those rascals at once!"

"I remember seeing a Red Setter about 12 years ago by a lake," said Heidi, "I was captivated by their beauty and friendliness. In 2021 my dad asked what I wanted for Christmas and I said 'a puppy' and that's how I got Marley!".

An Irish red setter is a breed of gun dog, making them experts at retrieving. According to the American Kennel Club, they are "famously good family dogs: sweet-tempered companions for the folks, and rollicking playmates and tennis-ball fetchers for the children." They have also been described as the most beautiful of dog breeds, with their long, red flowing coats.

It's important not to get a dog on looks alone. Red setters have been carefully bred over the last 200 years to remain as close to the original breed as possible. Due to this, modern-day red setters retain many of the characteristics and instincts of their ancestors. It means they need a lot of exercise to be happy and a good family companion.

"Along with runs, some training is important," says Hill's pet nutrition. "These are bright dogs and do enjoy working. Patience, and a firm but gentle hand, is needed to train the Irish setter. Discipline coupled with a sense of humor makes most Irish setters into well-behaved family members. Many Irish setters compete in dog sports, and they do particularly well in obedience and hunt tests."

TikTok users loved the mischievous pup. Charinfalls wrote: "I love the initial walk through..." I'm just going to put this over here nothing to see."

Lisa Lis posted, "It's the way he gallops/prances for me," while Jessica P. commented, "Marley said what do you think your doing your not getting my stick lol."

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