Dog Contemplates His Existence on Top of Mountain in Viral Video

Looking down on nature from a high vantage point can be so beautiful it takes our breath away, and leaves us pondering our existence.

And, as it turns out, dogs can get just as lost in stunning scenery too, as a recent viral video has shown.

In footage shared to TikTok by Mallory Bartow, known on the app as mal_lo_ry_, we can see a brown fluffy dog standing on a rock looking out on a stunning view down a river.

The wind is blowing throw his fur as he watches the sunset.

Text overlaying the footage, which can be watched here, reads: "My dog had a moment on our hike I wonder what he was thinking and then the moment was over."

Bartow captioned the cute video, writing: "He just got up there and stayed like this for two minutes #hikingtiktok #hikingwithdogs."

The adorable clip, which was posted on August 21, has since gone viral online, having been viewed by a whopping 784,300 people and it has been liked more than 249,700 times.

Many people took to the comments section to share their thoughts on the adorable dog's contemplative moment.


He just got up there and stayed like this for two minutes #hikingtiktok #hikingwithdogs

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One TikTok user, Shane Concepcion, wrote: "The sudden rush of emotion I just felt."

Another person, User8549167377390, added: "He was thinking how beautiful his life is with a mama who takes him on amazing adventures to see the whole world."

Lifeofpluto wondered: "Imagine seeing from his small perspective for forever... then seeing the world like this so high up."

Austinbruh619 joked: "He's like 'I've hiked the whole mountain and still haven't found the perfect stick... what am I doing'."

Shii Among the Jungle typed: "He wasn't thinking, he was enjoying that's the difference."

Autumn Berry stated: "He was probably thinking what a great parent you are for taking him to see such beautiful places."

Abby revealed: "My dog gets like this when it rains. We leave the door open and she'll sit at the door and stare out forever."

Alexis Gettemy commented: "I always think about the dogs who've never been to the beach, or the city, or seen snow and how big the world must be to them in moments like this."

Recently another dog video where the animal was enjoying herself went viral online—a clip of a pooch playing a windchime with her face.

The adorable video, shared on August 20, is captioned: "There has never been a stronger love than a girl and her windchime #dogsoftiktok #windchime #assistancedog."

Dog on mountain
Stock image of a dog on mountain. On TikTok a dog appeared to be contemplating life as it looked at a stunning view. Getty Images