Dog Dies in Fire That It Saved Owner From by Barking To Get Attention

A pet dog that died in a Utah house fire has been hailed as a hero after its barking helped alert police officers to the blaze.

The officers heard Bleu barking after they noticed smoke in the air and went to investigate. At first they mistook the dog's barks for screams coming from the front door.

The officers smashed through the door and managed to rescue a woman who had been asleep inside the house.

Although neighbors managed to get two of the woman's other dogs out of the house, Bleu died.

MaKayla Bernardo Fox, the daughter of the woman who was rescued, told Utah news outlet ABC4: "Our family dog passed away, but we're super lucky. Because if it wasn't for Bleu, my mom probably wouldn't have made it, because they wouldn't have known she was in the house."

Fox has started an online fundraising page on GoFundMe in order to raise money to support her family.

In it, she highlights the efforts of Bleu. "The only reason my mom made it out of the fire due to being asleep was two police officers hearing the family dog trying to bark loud and get to my mom," the fundraising page reads.

"He, unfortunately, passed away in the fire and we will forever remember him as a hero."

Fox described Bleu as dearly missed and "loved just as much as a family member." She added that her parents had lived at the property for almost 30 years.

As of Tuesday morning the fundraising page, titled "Fire Relief—30 years of memories for Bernardo's," had gained around $12,400 in support out of its $15,000 goal.

It is not the first time recently that a barking family dog has helped bring attention to a house fire.

In December 2021, a 5-year-old mixed-breed dog named Gracie helped save her family from a house fire that broke out a few days before Christmas. Devin Haegeman, a married father of four, woke up to hear Gracie barking.

Haegeman then heard one of his daughters screaming and he and his wife helped get everyone outside. He then headed back inside to rescue Gracie, who was hiding under a bed.

"We're expecting a complete and total loss. Are we ok? No, but we are safe," he wrote on Facebook after the fire. "I don't know who gives dogs medals for being super heroes, but send them my way."

Update 02/10/22, 6:35 a.m. ET: This article was updated to add a photo of Bleu.

A photo of Bleu, who helped alert police to a house fire, sent by MaKayla Fox. MaKayla Fox