Dog Finding Out He Is Visiting 'Grandpawrents' Melts Hearts: 'Pure Joy'

A dog's adorable reaction to learning that he's heading to see his grandma has delighted the internet after gaining viral attention.

Reposted on Reddit on Tuesday, the TikTok video shared by Skylar—who uses the handle sky.q—was first posted on their page where it has relieved more than 4 million views and thousands of likes.

In the video, Nosh the dog is in the car with owners Skylar and Deko on a 20-hour drive between Phoenix and Kansas City, Missouri, due to a house move. Just before they reached their destination, they reveal to the excited pup where they are going.

Skylar tells Nosh they are going to visit "Savta and Boppa." Savta is the Hebrew word for 'grandma,' while Boppa is what the poster's nieces call their 'grandpa.'

Bursting with excitement, the pup squeals and barks at the news of where they are.

Skylar told Newsweek: "He always reacts like this to his grandparents... Whether it's been months or only a few hours since he has seen them last."

Nosh the dog in the car
Moments from the viral video where Nosh the dog learns he is going to visit his "grandpawrents" after a long drive. The pup's excitable reaction has delighted the internet. sky.q/TikTok

In another comment, she explained that they were only five minutes away when they told the excited pup where they were going: "He whined the entire 5 minutes."

"We decided to record because we knew he would go wild," said Skylar. "We wanted to send the video to my parents."

The Blue Heeler Australian Cattle dog's excitement about visiting his "grandpawrents" delighted internet users. One Redditor commented: "That happy whine when a pup sees someone after a long period of time...Contagious tears of joy."

On TikTok, viewers flooded the comments. One user wrote: "He's so excited," while another said: "I see why you waited until the 20th hour to relay this information."

Another viewer commented: "This breed is so insanely smart and can remember the names of people so well it's amazing."

The American Kennel Club (AKC) said that the compact and muscular Australian cattle dog is resilient and smart with boundless energy. Ranked by the AKC as the 55th most popular dog in the U.S., the much-loved breed was recognized by the Kennel Club in 1980.

"He is so excited," wrote another viewer of the video on TikTok, while one commenter said that the video was "pure joy."

"We're having so much fun reading all of the comments on our video," said Skylar. "It is unusual to have a TikTok with all positive comments."

Another dog's adorable reaction to their favorite human also delighted the internet this month when Rhodesian Ridgeback and Staffordshire bull terrier mix Rosie was captured dancing around as her owner's daughter returned home.