Dog Group Holds 'Doggy Olympics' With Events Like Dock Diving and Bubble Catching

While the Tokyo Olympics continue in Japan, the NH Dog Walking Club is throwing its first annual "Doggy Olympics" in New Hampshire. Events include dock diving and bubble catching, among others.

The group already threw fun, physical, educational and social events for dogs and their owners. But they capitalized on excitement about the Summer Games by holding their own canine-version.

The Doggy Olympics are a fundraiser event running in various locations around the state from July 23—August 16. Some of the group's 25 partner organizations are hosting the events. The organizations include trainers, dog parks and kennels.

For the dock diving event, mutts have to run down a long dock, launch themselves into a pool and then swim to an exit ramp. The bubble catching event tests dog's coordination as they try to chomp down on flavored bubbles flying through the air.

 NH Dog Walking Club Doggy Olympics fundraiser
The NH Dog Walking Club is holding its first annual Doggy Olympics. It features events like dock diving and bubble catching, among others. In this photo illustration, a dog wears goggles. alexei_tm/Getty

Other events include howling contests, bobbing for toys in a kiddie pool, ice cream eating and treat catching competitions, a "paws up" challenge, tests to see which dogs can "sit" and "stay" the longest with one cue and various obstacle courses. One "Sensory Explorer" obstacle course has dogs encounter a variety of novel objects, textured surfaces, scents, tastes and sounds.

Dogs and their owners can actually win bronze, silver and gold medals. Judges score on a variety of criteria including calmness, confidence and the ability to ignore distractions. The events' hosts and judges include pet professionals from local businesses—such as veterinarians, behaviorists, pet photographers and canine fitness experts—the Foster's Daily Democrat reported.

"The Doggy Olympics was created to encourage your dog to engage in and learn new fun things while strengthening their body and bond with you," the group wrote on its website. The group said it hopes the Doggy Olympics becomes a regular event. Its proceeds will benefit organizations in its Charitable Partners' Program.

While the Doggy Olympics continue in New Hampshire, another dog competition occurred on Wednesday in Helena, Montana. There, 18 trainers and 19 dogs competed in the 4-H dog agility event at the Last Chance Stampede and Fair, KXLH reported.

4-H is a national youth organization whose original motto—"head, heart, hands, and health"—was incorporated into its name. It offers a variety of youth, after-school, camping and training events.

The 4-H dog agility event has dogs of different sizes run through obstacle courses made up of hurdles, tunnels, tables, see-saws, tires and slalom poles.

"It seems like I really bond more with my dogs, when I actually get to work with them," competitor Mariah Olson told the aforementioned news station.