Dog Who Hides in Barking Mad Locations Has Internet in Hysterics

If you are in need of cheering up today, look no further than this TikTok account featuring a dog that likes to hide in peculiar places.

Footage of the small white fluffy canine, who likes to situate herself in barking mad locations, has gone viral on the app, with the account Vidathedawg having received a whopping 3.2 million likes.

Set to the soundtrack of a voice saying: "What's the dog doing?" there is a series of clips which end with Vida in the most unexpected positions.

One such video, which has so far been watched 5.2 million times, shows the camera panning across a games room featuring a foosball table, a basketball hoop and a large sofa.

The virtual tour of the room then comes to an abrupt halt, as we see Vida lying on a gym bench in front of a large weighted barbell as if the animal is about to bench press.

Shared on July 28 the clip, which can be watched here, has also surpassed 895,900 likes and is captioned: "What da dog doin?"

Many have shared their delight at the clip in the comments section, including Elena who joked: "Arm days are ruff."

Another video featuring Vida's shenanigans, which can be watched here, begins with her owner watching television before the soundtrack enquires as to the pet's whereabouts.

We are then shown that the dog is now sitting high up on the bookshelf staring down at the man.

This clip has again delighted many online, having been viewed a whopping 1.2 million times since it was posted on July 29.

The humorous footage has also received 250,600 likes, with lots of TikTok users commenting their disbelief that the animal is alive.

One person, Peoplewhoexist, wrote: "For a second I thought it was a statue of an owl."

Another, Kylee Swann, added: "Pls is it stuffed."

Vidathedawg has also posted a version, which can be viewed here, showing himself bouncing a basketball across a court, when the audio again asks: "What's the dog doing?"

As the dog owner bounces the ball toward the basketball hoop, the camera pans up to show the dog sitting above the net.

This clip, which was shared on August 1, has again amused people on social media, having been watched 2.5 million times and liked by 282,700 viewers.

Another recent example of the hilarious situations Vida find herself in is a video, posted on August 22, depicting the man walking up to a large wooden table to open his laptop to begin work.

We are then shown the small dog sat opposite wearing glasses with a pencil in hand and a document before.

This clip, which can be seen here, has been watched a staggering 5 million times. What will Vida do next?!

Newsweek have contacted Vidathedawg for comment.

Small white dog
A stock image of a small white dog. On TIkTok a dog named Vida has been amusing people in video showing her hiding in peculiar locations. Getty Images