Dog Jumps for Joy in Adorable Video—'Someone's Got the Christmas Spirit'

A cocker spaniel decked out in an adorable Christmas jumper has been lifting spirits on social media with a video showcasing his impressively bouncy jumping skills.

Rupert the dog has become an overnight star on social media thanks to the short but sweet clip chronicling his kangaroo-like antics.

The video was uploaded to TikTok by his owner Molly Lethbridge from Devon in the U.K. and has already amassed more than 4.2 million views. The clip can be watched here.

It's the perfect tonic to any winter blues brought on by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, with Rupert channeling his inner bunny rabbit to produce a series of impressive jumps.

"Someone's got the Christmas spirit," Lethbridge writes alongside the clip which has proven to be a big hit with dog lovers everywhere. "I think that's possibly the best thing I've ever seen," Gary Mark Pennyfathe writes.

Evidently eager to join in the festive fun, Beverley Scarlett jokes the dog evidently "wants to be prancer or dasher," while chopsy_Musch compares Rupert's efforts to the "Energizer bunny."

Shannon Nicol thought he had more in common with "Bambi," with neelkamalsokal declaring the cute canine a "little kangaroo."

In fact, Rupert's jumping saw him draw comparisons with a number of animals. Nicole Pape thought he was a "dolphin dog," while Lovelina theorized that he may have been "an antelope in another life." Snaaakez_ said he was "a rabbit not a dog" and Rika Pegasiou said he was a "showjumping dog."

Lethbridge told Newsweek Rupert does his epic jumps "at the very start of every walk, as he's just so happy to be out and about.

"He gets walked twice a day and still does it every single time," she said. "Once he's off the lead he stops, I don't think we walk fast enough for him."

Lethbridge said she and her fiancé got Rupert just before the first lockdown in the U.K. and he "been the biggest blessing ever since."

"He's the funniest, most loving and loyal dog," she said. "He has a lot of unusual quirks that are not typical of an average dog, such as his high jumps! I'm pretty sure he gets confused as to what animal he actually is! He just loves being with us so much, his tail wags so much I think it's going to fly off some days."

Lethbridge originally filmed the clip to show off Rupert's new Christmas jumper "forgetting that his jumping is very unusual and hilarious."

She's been blown away by the overwhelming positive response to the video. "Everybody loves dogs so much, and seeing a dog do something unusual like that, displaying so much happiness and excitement and in a cute Christmas jumper made everyone laugh. We have been told so many times it's made people's weeks, which is so lovely to hear. I wish I could tell Rupert."

Having conquered TikTok, Lethbridge said Rupert is looking forward to a Christmas Day "surrounded by all of his family and their dogs who love him to bits—and in his Christmas jumper of course."

Of course, this isn't the first time a dog's antics have captured the imagination of the internet.

Recent hits have included a German shepherd capable of doing a spot-on impression of a small dog and a Dachshund stealing the show as the ring bearer at their owner's lavish wedding.

Rupert the jumping dog.
Rupert the jumping dog. Molly Lethbridge's cocker spaniel has become a social media sensation. Molly Lethbridge