Video of Dog Kissing Giggling Baby Delights Internet: 'Puppy Love'

A video of a baby giggling uncontrollably as a small dog affectionately licks at their face might just be the most adorable thing you will ever see on the internet.

There's something undeniably cathartic about the sound of a baby's laugh.

In fact, research by scientists Madelon Riem and Marinus van IJzendoorn from Leiden University has found that the sound actually activates neural reward circuits, boosting oxytocin levels in the parts of the brain linked to reward and emotion.

While this is primarily designed to encourage stronger parent-infant attachment, it offers a broader stress-alleviating effect to other adults—and it's not just baby clips either.

Animal videos featuring domesticated pets like cats and dogs have proven similarly beneficial with a 2010 study published in the Clinical Psychology Review in 2010 finding that they lifted mood and boosted "life satisfaction and resilience to stress."

Therefore, it's hardly a surprise to find that a video of a pet pooch gently kissing his owner's young child is proving popular on social media.

Posted to TikTok by Kristen Millman, the video features a black labrador called Luna showing some "puppy love" to a visibly delighted baby.

Audibly giggling throughout, the baby simply cannot get enough of Luna's loving licks, rolling around in delight as the dog repeatedly goes in for a kiss. The cherry on top comes when the baby lets out an audible snort of delight, much to the amusement of her watching parents.

As pure an exchange as you are likely to see on the internet today, the heartwarming footage has already been viewed 5.7 million times online with fans quick to show their appreciation for the thoroughly wholesome exchange, which can be watched here.

Mummamia wrote: "In all the craziness in the world right now this video is refreshing." Deanna N Deek declared: "this is pure." SandraHerz42 commented "this is so adorable" while Hobbzie called the clip "the best medicine for the blue mood."

One user, posting as Brooklyn Cain, thanked Millman for sharing the video. "Had a really hard/ sad day at work," they said. "This is EXACTLY what I needed to see." Lisa Carr said "The cuteness is off the charts" while Merlyn Q commented: "This is pure love and happiness."

A small minority were not so sure though. TimmyJimmyHL warned: "Be very careful with dogs and kids!" Insertnamehere added: "If this was a pit bull tho everyone would be freaking out."

But some dismissed any concerns and even rebuffed the idea that a dog licking a baby's face may not be a good idea. Alannahx was among those to reject such a suggestion, writing: "I grew up with dogs in my face and I have the immune system of steel."

Newsweek has contacted Millman for comment.

This isn't the first time a dog's interaction with a baby has melted hearts online.

In January, another canine went viral after being captured on camera rocking a baby to sleep. Meanwhile, in October 2021, a video of a baby snuggled fast asleep next to a dozing puppy proved similarly popular.

A baby being kissed by a puppy.
Stock image of a baby being kissed by a puppy. Footage of a canine affectionately licking at the face of a baby is proving popular online. nd3000/Getty