Dog Leaps Onto Roof of Large Bus in 'Mind-Blowing' Viral Footage

A video of a dog leaping on top of a large bus has gone viral online, having attracted more than 1.7 million views.

In the clip which was posted to TikTok by an account called Belleryanooo52 on March 4, a sandy-colored dog runs towards a man, who is standing outside a coach, which has Asian writing on the side of it.

The man then bends down so that his back is at a right angle to the ground, and the animal jumps on top of him and launches itself onto the roof of the bus, which appears to be at least 20 feet high.

As the man springs up to hold his arms out and catch the dog in case he falls, his glasses fly off his face.

Luckily, it is only the inanimate object that takes a tumble, and the dog does not lose its balance.

Belleryanooo52 captioned the impressive video, writing: "Do you like bus [bus emoji] [dog emoji] [tongue-out emoji]."

He also added a hashtags: "#dog #fyp #foryou."

The dog's actions, which can be watched here, have gone viral online, having already been liked a staggering 54,100 likes.

Many people also rushed to the comments section to share their thoughts on the footage.

One TikTok user, Tom dan Luvi, wrote: "Man didn't even care about his glasses, just focused on being there if he falls."

Another person, Redriderrescue, added: "They are not a dog! They are a dingo and mountain lion hybrid," alongside a string of love-heart emojis.

Tkymanji typed: "Your dog has got some talent there."

Oly observed: "Ace the Bat Hound vibes. If he could shoot lasers from his eyes he could be krypto."

The Dreadful Dreadhead stated: "That's the dog that you wouldn't be able to escape."

User2185342728661 revealed: "Straight up class!! Mind-blowing!! Give that dog filet mignon tonight!"

Terry gushed: "Really awesome dog [heart-face emoji] [heart-face emoji]."

L revealed: "I'm glad you still turned around to catch it."

Dripped admitted: "Damn that's impressive."

User848874970975 commented: "Wow fantastic brilliant clever boy come home to the U.K. with me."

Another video that has recently gone viral which showcases a dog's talent is a clip in which a Labrador performs a variety of dance moves.

The footage, posted to TikTok on September 22, features a dog called Jax.

In the video the animal performs a range of dances, including "The CPR," "Back the Fluff Up," "The Funky Cha Cha" and "The Ladder Drills."

The video, which has been watched more than 3.6 million times, is captioned: "I've got your back ladies [winking emoji] #dogsoftiktok #tippytaps #dogsthatdance #fyp #foryou."

Newsweek have contacted Belleryanooo52 for comment.

Dog jumping
A stock image of a dog leaping into the air. In a viral TikTok video a dog successfully leaps onto the roof of a large bus. Getty

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