Dog's Hilarious 'Look of Disapproval' Every Time Owner's Pug Misbehaves Goes Viral

Footage of a rebellious pug by the name of Gus is proving a hit with dog lovers but not for the reasons you might have initially assumed.

In a video posted to TikTok by goth_pack, fans were given a glimpse of the energetic canine bouncing around their owner's apartment.

However, it's not so much Gus' behavior that has got people talking but rather the reaction of their owner's pet pooch, Briggs.

As the clip demonstrates, after each and every act of defiance by the little pug, Briggs shoots a glance over to his owner.

Dogs have been known to look a little on the guilty side from time to time, but Briggs' expression is one of disapproval rather than contrition.

His knowing looks have not been lost on his owner either, who shared a compilation of just a few instances of the phenomenon in a video posted to TikTok.

"Whenever my pug is being annoying," the dog owner writes. "My big dog gives a look of disapproval.

The video can be viewed here.

In the clip, we see Gus running off, barking on the couch, trying to chew through a leash and dragging a toy along the floor. Every time, Briggs responds with that same tired look over to his owner that says: "Are you going to do something about this?"

While it would appear that there is no end in sight to the pug's playful behavior, Briggs did find plenty of support on TikTok, where the video has amassed over 8 million views. The comments section, meanwhile, is awash with dog lovers offering up their own hilarious takes on what Briggs' look might be trying to convey.

For FatFashionableWriter, it was a glance that said "control your child." TheQueenEllyy imagined it as Briggs saying: "See this what I mean right here?" Kjohalo thought it was a look that said: "If you don't I will" while eav911 imagined the pet pooch asking: "You still have the receipt, right?"

Others were simply enamored with the level of sass Briggs appeared to be exerting in the video. "The SHADE," Mollyeskam wrote with stormi_loves_wolfie concurring: "the side eye is killing me."

Snerixx, meanwhile, said the look had the "same energy" as the one John Krasinski's character, Jim, became known for on the hit sitcom The Office.

Eager to show that despite their differences the two dogs get along, goth_pack later returned to TikTok with another video showing the canine duo cozying up in the sun together.

That video can be watched here.


See, they do love each other even if the pug is annoying sometimes #pug #dog #dogs #fyp

♬ this is what falling in love feels like - JVKE

Newsweek has contacted goth_pack for comment.

According to Stephanie Gibeault from the American Kennel Club, when dogs look at a human they are often reading them to try and assess their mood.

"More than almost any other animal on Earth, dogs are in tune with humans," she wrote. "They sense our moods, follow our pointing gestures, and read us for information about what's going to happen next.

"That means they stare at us a lot to gain knowledge about their environment. Essentially, they are waiting for us to do something that will impact them."

In this case, Briggs may simply be assessing the impact of the pug's actions and what it means for his day-to-day life.

However, Gibeault also noted a look from a dog can be about simply expressing emotions "both positive and negative" or can occur "when your dog is trying to get your attention or tell you something."

A pug and a disapproving dog.
Stock images of a pug dog and another canine. One dog's disapproving glances have been causing a stir on social media. RalchevDesign/Angela Kotsell/Getty