Dog Looks Like 'Abominable Snowman' After Playing in Blizzard

The Abominable Snowman is a mythical creature who traverses snowy climates, striking fear into the hearts of those that spot its big footprints.

Sightings of this gigantic animal, also known as the Yeti, have been reported throughout history, but we've never seen much in the way of solid proof that it exists... until now.

One person on TikTok recently captured footage of the folklore legend in all its majestic glory, sharing it to the video-sharing app along with the caption: "The abominable snowman exists..."

Okay, perhaps this particular Yeti does look suspiciously like a golden retriever covered in balls of snow, but as far as videos go it is still quite spectacular.

The clip begins by panning up the dog's body, with the underside of his stomach showing lots of different-sized clumps of snow tangled in its fur.

The adorable pet, whose name is Kona, also has his legs and torso coated in the cold fluffy powder, giving the animal a peculiar cloud-like appearance.

However, the canine's head and shoulders are spared a snowy crown, instead appearing damp with water as he deadpans into the camera.

Posted to TikTok by @goldenkonabear, the clip is also accompanied by hashtags that explain that the dog's new look is as a result of a Colorado snowstorm: "#fyp #dog #dogsoftiktok #foryoupage #goldenretriever #foryou #petlover #snowstorm #colorado #snowdog."

The video was shared on March 15, and has since racked up more than 3.4 million views. It has also garnered over 43,700 likes and nearly 3,000 shares.

Many also took to the comments section to share their thoughts on the adorable footage.

One TikTok user, Eugene Johnson, wrote: "He found cloud 9 and brought back pieces of it."

Another person, Brynne, added: "This happened to my dog just give them a warm bath and they'll be fine."

An account by the name of user816485 typed: "How does that even happen? For reference, I live in Vegas and we don't get real snow here."

Jbgrand commented: "Awww wrap him in an extra warm towel and give him all the snuggles!!!!!"

Meanwhile, Anime Fanboy declared the dog: "King of Marshmallows."

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dog running in snow
A stock image of a dog running in the snow. In the TikTok video a dog is covered in snowballs which makes it look like the "Abominable Snowman." Getty Images