Dog Mauling Leaves Toddler Seriously Injured: Police

A 2-year-old boy has been seriously injured in a dog attack in the U.K., according to police.

West Mercia Police (WMP) said officers responded to reports that a child had been attacked by dogs at a property in Egdon, Worcestershire, on Monday.

In a statement, a WMP spokesperson said: "His family began to transport him to hospital themselves, but stopped at Worcester Countryside Centre en-route on the advice of the ambulance service.

"He was then transported from there to Worcestershire Royal Hospital by ambulance, where he remains in a critical condition."

Police did not mention how many dogs were involved in the attack, although they do not believe they belonged to a banned breed.

Chief Inspector Fergus Green said in a Monday statement: "This is an incredibly sad incident and our thoughts are with the young child and his family.

"I'd like to offer reassurance that the dogs involved have now been secured and removed from the property in Egdon, and therefore pose no risk to the public.

"A police presence will remain in place at both Worcester Countryside Centre and the address in Egdon for some time.

"Investigations are ongoing into the circumstances of the incident. We do not believe the dogs to be breeds banned under the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991.

"We will provide further updates on the case as soon as we are able to."

Newsweek has contacted WMP for comment.

According to the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), more than 4.5 million people are bitten by dogs each year in the U.S. Of these, more than 800,000 need medical attention.

It also said children are the most common victims of dog attacks and are far more likely to be severely injured.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has shared a list of things to do should an unfamiliar dog approach you, namely:

  • Stay still and remain calm.
  • Avoid direct eye contact with the dog.
  • Do not panic, make loud noises or run.
  • Say "no" or "go home" in a firm, deep voice and stand with the side of your body facing the dog.
  • Slowly raise your hands to your neck with your elbows in and wait for the dog to pass or slowly walk back.

Newsweek has reported on numerous cases in the U.S. and abroad where dogs have attacked children.

Last week, a horrifying dog attack in the U.K. left an 8-year-old boy with serious facial injuries and a 6-year-old girl with an arm injury.

Stock image of British police
Stock image of British police. Police are investigating a dog attack on a child in Worcestershire, England, but do not believe the dogs involved to belong to banned breeds. Getty

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