Dog Is so Obsessed With Climbing Trees Owners Had to Install a Warning Sign

Cats are well-known for their love of climbing trees, and it seems their archetypal nemesis, the dog, isn't adverse to scampering up trunks either.

In fact one owner was forced to install a warning sign in a tree due to their dog's obsession with climbing it, presumably after numerous Good Samaritans raised the alarm.

A video of the tree, complete with the dog high in its branches, was shared to Reddit's Animals Being Derps forum.

Since being posted on Thursday, the hilarious clip has amassed more than 75,000 upvotes, and can be seen here, as the poster S*****Morph captioned it: "They had to put up a sign for their tree climbing dogs."

The footage shows a large tree with numerous branches behind a wall, with a sign on one of the larger trunks.

The person filming zooms in, showing the four-legged culprit staring right at the camera just above the sign, which says: "Our dog's climb trees they are fine."

The video appears to have been taken from a car, next to a stop sign, possibly explaining why the climbing canine attracted so much attention.

Numerous people commented on the sight, with Ok-Wear801 saying: "Mind your own business! the dog said. Lol."

Sendnewt_s pointed out: "We have roof dogs in my old neighborhood."

ZarquonsFlatTire commented: "It makes sense. The dogs are fine. Stop bothering them."

Mariotzu raved: "The dog being just on top of the sign makes this 10 times better, lol."

HelloThere39400 quipped: "Too many people thought the dog was barking on the wrong tree?"

As AgreeablePie pointed out: "At least they hopefully don't call 911 about it, which I'm sure was the reason for the sign."

However the errant apostrophe on the sign also sparked amusement among Redditors, as Wormbreath joked: "That dog is like that apostrophe, hangin around where it shouldn't."

Shaftofbread joked: "Now people knock on their door to point out that there's a grammatical error in their tree!"

Dog-walking website, Wag, said some breeds are well known for their climbing ability, including the Catahoula Leopard, Treeing Walker Coonhound, Jack Russell Terrier, New Guinea Singing Dog and the Raccoon Dog.

It explained dogs will sometimes climb trees when on the hunt, such as when they're chasing squirrels, saying the behavior is one of "pursuit."

The site said: "Occasions in which this behavior may occur may be when the animal is chasing another creature. The dog will get into the tree first with a running start, a jump, and by pulling himself onto branches with the front paws.

"Other dogs can be trained to sport this impressive ability, as long as their build allows it!" Although they stressed: "Not all dogs can climb trees."

Newsweek reached out to S*****Morph for comment.

File photo of dog in a tree.
File photo of dog in a tree. Owners had to install a warning sign as their dog is obsessed with climbing a tree. alexei_tm/Getty Images