Dog Overcomes 'Irrational Fear' of Grates in Adorable Viral Video

We are all scared of something, whether we like to admit it or not. However, one dog has apparently overcome his fear during an adorable TikTok video.

In footage shared to the social media site on June 16 by Grizzly.bane, a woman can be seen standing outside, holding her dog on a lead in front of metal grate.

In the audio set to the clip, we can hear her asking: "What irrational thing is your dog scared of? I'll go first: It's grates. He's terrified of fricking grates."

She then tries to coax the pet across the grate by tapping the ground and saying: "Come on! Come on!"

The animal can be seen lying on his stomach looking hesitant, but eventually makes the leap across without letting his paws touch the metal.

The woman then celebrates by petting the dog and exclaiming: "Good job!" The fluffy pooch then wags his tail in excitement at his achievement.

Grizzly.bane captioned the clip, writing: "Irrational fears, but make it for dogs #irrationalfears #dogedition #spookyscary."

The footage has since gone viral, having been viewed by more than 2.1 million people, and surpassed 385,800 likes.

Many took to the comments section to share their thoughts on the adorable video.

One TikTok user, Jujubee525, wrote: "Doggo: Did you see that?! I almost just died!!! I could've died!!! I'm so brave."

Another person, Emily Stearns, added: "He was so proud of himself."

Charlie Janeway typed: "This is actually indicating a lot of intelligence to be honest. He knows that's a while cliff I wouldn't want to cross it either."

Lauren revealed: "My dog is terrified of towels, but it is just towels. She loves blankets."

H commented: "My guess is that it feels really weird on their paw pads, so they're really just scared of that feeling, when it's not really that bad."

Matt/Zencap exclaimed: "That's not irrational! What if the metal just *gives out* while you're walking on it and you fall into a hole."

CoperPenny related to the pet, writing: "To be fair I don't like walking on them either."

However one dog that definitely doesn't display any fear is Bernese Mountain Dog puppy in another recent TikTok video.

The little animal, named Weller, can be seen enjoying himself in the purest of ways—by repeatedly jumping into a bush.

The joyous footage was shared to the app on June 17 by user The Berner Bunch, along with the caption: "Weller is OBSESSED with this bush #bernesemountaindog #wee."

Newsweek has contacted Grizzly.bane for comment.

Dog hiding under blanket
A stock image of dog looking scared under a blanket. In a TIkTok video another dog faces his fears by jumping over a grate. Getty Images