Dog Picks up Trash Thrown From Car, Returns It to the Driver in Viral Video

Dogs are a man's best friend—and they can teach us how to live. They enjoy simple pleasures such as eating, going for walks and relaxing at home, and they are fiercely loyal and fun to have around.

In one video that has gone viral, a dog even gives a human a lesson on how to behave in public.

In the clip shared on Twitter on Tuesday, a dog can be seen walking down a road as a driver throws an object wrapped in plastic out of their car window.

The dog picks up the item in their mouth and drops it back through the window, cleaning up the road.

The clip was posted by Sudha Ramen, an officer in the Indian Forest Service, along with the caption: "A lesson to you, dear Humans! Ps - Let's appreciate the training given to this dog."

The 15-second clip has been watched more than 19,000 times on Twitter in the past day, garnering over 2,000 likes. The footage came from TikTok user @woowpets and was first posted last September. It has recorded about 412,000 views on the video-sharing app.

Many Twitter users commented on Ramen's post this week, sharing their delight at the video's important message.

One user, @edrormba, wrote: "Truly amazing. Humans need to go to dog school to learn how to behave."

Another person, @Deepa26836653, posted: "Please provide training to all Indian street dogs. It would so nice and hilarious. That dogs are taking care of their street homes."

A lesson to you, dear Humans!!!

Ps - Let's appreciate the training given to this dog. Credits n d video.

— Sudha Ramen IFS 🇮🇳 (@SudhaRamenIFS) May 4, 2021

A third user, @KuldeepShimlwal, added that humans were "most careless and responsible for spreading dirt everywhere on the mother earth."

A fourth, @Subhash54150981, wrote: "Beautiful Training! Beautiful is the Message!"

@HGowdaiah summarized the scene as: "Nature lover is gently teaching nature looter."

If the sight of animals helping humans to clean puts you in a good mood, you may also enjoy this viral video of a cat "doing housework."

In footage posted to the Twitter account @nocatplaces, a tabby—who is clearly being held by its owner off-camera—can be seen apparently cleaning and tidying.

First the cat appears to scrub a pot with a yellow sponge, before polishing the kitchen counter and faucet.

The feline then vacuums the plush grey carpet and tidies away its toys into a basket.

The clip, which has been watched more than 41,000 times since it was posted on May 4, has delighted viewers.

One Twitter user, @JacobWisner1, wrote: "I would pay so much money for a cat-based cleaning service."

dog looking at camera
A stock image of a dog. In a clip that went viral on Twitter this week, a canine teaches a driver a lesson by picking up their trash and returning it. Wavetop/Getty Images