Dog Delivers Mail to Locals on Remote Island Near North Pole

A woman who lives on a remote island in the Arctic Ocean, not far from the North Pole, recently took to TikTok to show the very novel way she sends mail to her neighbors.

Cecilia Blomdahl, known on the video-sharing app as sejsejlija, posted footage showing that her dog actually acts as postman in her small community.

The clip begins with her passing a document to her fluffy canine, which is wrapped in plastic and tied to a rope. In the background, we can see snow-covered fields and some cabins in the distance.

The overlaid text then reads: "My name is Cecilia and I live in Svalbard an island close to the North Pole.

"This morning I needed to send something over to my friend Olivia who lives in a cabin over there."

She then wraps the rope around the dog's neck and off it runs. Blomdahl explains: "There wasn't any wind so she could could call his name and he could hear her.

"So off he went to deliver the mail and he just had to say hello to the bird first."

The video then shows him running back home.

She added: "After a successful delivery I call him back and he takes a detour and then here he is. This dog is just too good, he loved doing this."

The clip finishes with the dog being awarded a treat for his efforts, with the caption: "And of course he gets paid for all his hard work." This is so impressive!

Blomdahl's footage was shared on May 17, and has already gone viral, having been viewed over 3.5 million times, and garnered 805,800 likes and over 9,200 shares.

Many took to the comments section to share their thoughts on the amazing postal method.

One TikTok user, Predictable, wrote: "I know he just loves having that responsibility/task! How fun; I love this, what a good boy."

Another, Caroline, added: "Meanwhile my dog gets spooked by a leaf and won't leave the house for a week."

Seattle Dredge joked: "I refuse to accept deliveries in any other fashion from this point forward."

Laggy commented: "My dog would simple 'get lost' on purpose."

While Devon Werkheiser typed: "This is so cool. Beautiful life."

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dog wearing scarf in snow
A stock image of a dog sitting in the snow. In a viral video, a woman has trained her dog to deliver mail to her neighbors on the remote Arctic Ocean island of Svalbard. Getty Images