Dog Praised for Impeccable Manners in Viral Video

A dog is earning plenty of admirers online thanks to a video showcasing his faultless behavior.

They say that "manners maketh man" but the exploits of Sammy the Golden Retriever suggest that old adage is probably worth updating to include dogs too.

In a charming clip posted to TikTok under the handle tell_your_dog_i_said_hii, Sammy's owner gives dog lovers a taste of the impeccable behavior they have come to expect from their canine companion.

The video centers on a series of clips showing Sammy enjoying a well-earned drink of water from his dog bowl. In each instance, when Sammy finishes drinking his water, he can be seen stopping for a second to licking his chops clean.

While it's not immediately clear what is happening an accompanying voiceover explains: "Every time he drinks water he waits for his mouth to stop dripping before he walks away."

According to a caption posted alongside the video, Sammy "has got better manners than most children."

While there is little additional evidence to support such a claim, Sammy's exploits have impressed TikTok's community of dog lovers.

The clip has amassed over 120,000 views along with a glut of comments praising the canine's conduct.

The video can be watched here.

Shelby Lanahan commented: "I don't think my dog even finishes swallowing before flinging water all over the place." BeeThomson agreed: "My dog doesn't even finish swallowing before he walks away and dribbles all the water everywhere."

Lilian B was in awe. "This is the most unsung but most coveted talent," she wrote.

Brutus Tooty said they planned on showing the video to their dog as a "tutorial" while Monbon0207 praised Sammy's owners for perfecting the dog version of "putting the seat down."

According to Sammy's owner "wait" was the first command he was taught. They used to say it after he drank water, however now he "does it on his own" as a result.

Evidently a well-trained and highly disciplined dog, the tell_your_dog_i_said_hii TikTok account features several videos of Sammy waiting patiently while his owner balances dog treats on his nose and paws.

The idea is that Sammy is supposed to wait for his master's command before he eats the treats.

That clip can be watched here.

A consistently popular breed among dog owners, Golden Retrievers rank among the most trainable breeds of canine according to the American Kennel Club.

While the benefits of training a dog are innumerable, Highland Canine Training, which provides professional dog training services, ranks "safety" as a key consideration.

"Ensuring your pet listens to your commands can prevent it from experiencing potentially deadly conflict with other dogs or wild animals, running into a busy road or generally harming itself in hazardous situations," they said.

"Instilling manners in your pet means that it will know the difference between what is acceptable and unacceptable in your home, and it will behave with courtesy to the rest of your family."

Newsweek has contacted tell_your_dog_i_said_hii for comment.

Sammy is the latest in a string of dogs to garner attention on social media.

Earlier this week, a Husky by the name of Tovarish took TikTok by storm after their owner posted a video online showcasing the trail of destruction left in the dog's wake.

Prior to that an adorable Great Pyrenees called Luna generated a huge response online after being filmed clumsily sitting on top of the family cat.

A happy looking golden retriever dog.
Stock image of a golden retriever. A video showcasing one dog's incredible discipline has been racking up views online. Di Passadori/Getty