Grieving Dog Who Lost Puppy Adopts Litter Abandoned by Owner: 'Fate'

When a litter of puppies were left unwanted because of their appearance, a grieving mom stepped in.

Perrie the French bulldog lost her singleton while pregnant at full term. Against all odds however, she has still managed to become a mother after adopting a full litter of puppies.

According to owner Nakita O'Hare, the puppies' owner instructed the vet to put them down as they didn't want them with long tails. "Someone had brought their French bulldog in for a c section and then told her to put the puppies to sleep because they had long tails, they left with mom and never came back for the pups," she wrote in a now-viral video.

Frenchie puppies
Stock image of Frenchie puppies. Perrie, the French bulldog lost her singleton while pregnant at full term, is now taking care of a litter of puppies. Getty Images

Thinking of the grieving dog who was ready for motherhood, the vet called O'Hare. Now, Perrie is taking care of her new litter as if they were her own. "Love at first sight as I knew it would be," wrote O'Hare, adding that "she loves being a mom."

Footage captured Perrie excitedly awaiting the opening of the box before tending to each puppy. An image even showed the litter feeding from Perrie.

The puppies have since been named Karma, Kismet, Klover and Asher and new mom Perrie is "absolutely over the moon with them."

"We are having to take her food and water to her in the pen as she doesn't want to leave them for a second."

The biological mom of the litter was a full Frenchie, but the owners believe they are bred with another as they have a Pug appearance and all have long tails. "Lots of color breeders introduce different breeds to try to get 'rare' colors so we think they have tried this and then ended up with the pups taking after the other breed," wrote O'Hare.

"I'm really excited to see how they turn out and they Will obviously be keeping their waggy tails."

For O'Hare and viewers of the video, concern also lies in the biological mom who is both now left without her pups, and likely to be bred again in the near future. The blossoming family between Perrie and her new puppies however has melted hearts online, as viewers take to the comments to express their joy.

In 2021, another dog similarly went viral after adopting a litter of orphaned pups after none of her own survived. A local dog named Poppy had died during birth nearby at the same time, meaning Pepper was able to step in and fill the vital mother role in the early stages.

Poppy's owners acted quickly and contacted Pepper's handlers to bring the grieving dog over. Reportedly, Pepper immediately took to the puppy litter and began nursing.