Dog Refuses to Walk so Is Dragged Through Park in Hilarious Viral Video

Sometimes we all feel a little lazy, and can't be bothered with daily tasks, and it seems that dogs are not exempt from this.

In a viral video, shared to TikTok by a woman named Coco, a chow chow can be seen being uncooperative on a walk, and the internet finds it very relatable.

In the clip, which was posted on October 5, the fluffy dog can be seen lying on a path in Central Park, New York.

A man is dragging the reluctant animal along with a leash and the dog looks nonchalant as it glides past the camera operator on its stomach.

Passersby can be seen staring and smiling as the dog owner looks somewhat embarrassed.

Text overlaying the footage, which has already been viewed a staggering 6.5 million times, reads: "This is why I love Central Park."

Coco captioned the hilarious video, which can be watched here, writing: "This dog is me going on a walk with my boyfriend #dog."

The clip has gained lots of traction online, having been liked by a whopping 595,900 likes and 29,800 shares.


This dog is me going on a walk with my boyfriend 🥰 #dog

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Many people also rushed to the comments section to share their opinions on the funny moment.

One TikTok user, CoCo, wrote: "The dog said no."

Another person, User279484547995, added: "Actual footage of my spouse dragging me out the house to interact with other humans."

CassandraMarino stated: "This pip made 100% of the people walking by smile."

Vanessa Senjaya typed: "When my parents forced me to hang out outside my bedroom."

Mylove Isallyours revealed: "My husband dragging me out of Target."

User8825911047082 observed: "Chow chows all the same stubborn as hell."

Annemijn Gerris commented: "I have a chow chow so this is so recognizable."

User7951366496025 gushed: "Great clip... need more of this type of stuff..."

Candylover89 joked: "Me on my way to the gym."

Jeyanna7 explained: "Just chow things. I got one of them, too..."

Another dog also recently went viral on TikTok due to its bad behavior; the husky was thrown out of daycare for lying on other dogs' backs.

The video, shared by Stephmalak, begins with a close-up of an innocent-looking dog, and overlaid text that reads: "When you get kicked out of daycare for laying on the other dogs."

The camera then cuts to a montage of photographs showing the husky in action on the back of other dogs, or caught trying to clamber on.

The hilarious footage is captioned: "It's called dominance #husky #fyp."

Chow chow
A stock image of a chow chow. In Central Park, New York, a dog was filmed being dragged along on its stomach, and the clip has gone viral online. iStock

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