Dog Having 'Tantrum' Over Wearing Matching Pajamas Delights Internet

A dog owner has shared a video of his dog Lola having a "tantrum" because she does not want to wear matching pajamas.

In the video, her owner can be heard saying, "All I wanna take are matching pictures in our pajamas, and she's over here throwing a tantrum."

The video, posted by @ilolathehusky on TikTok, has been viewed 2.7 million times and is captioned: "Lola is a toddler."

Lola can be seen lying down in her bed, scratching and whining and refusing to look at her owner. One user commented, "My parent's dog does this on the couch! I call it her couch-diving tantrums. She buries her head in the cushions and kicks the blankets off."

dog looking sad
A stock photo of a dog looking sad. A man has posted a video of his dog having a tantrum because she doesn't want to wear matching pajamas. monkeybusinessimages/Getty Images

Why Do Dogs Have Tantrums?

Dogs are noticeably more predictable than cats. However, they are still susceptible to odd tantrums. They can whine and bark, be angry when their food is late, or huff and puff when they don't get their way.

Some canine tantrums though can be aggressive and destructive. Pet care company Wag Walking reports that many owners say their dogs act out when they go to attach the leash. They may "throw themselves to the floor, bite the leash, or worse, bite you."

Instead of letting go of the leash, the experts suggest keeping "the leash taut and wait for your dog to calm down before you relax your hold. Don't yell at them and don't get excited. Stay calm and unemotional. You'll likely have to repeat this a few more times before your dog understands that they need to be calm whenever you put a leash on them."

Wag Walking suggests training pooches to like the leash, with one recommendation stating:

  • Take your dog outside to the yard or the dog park and let them run for a bit.
  • Call them to come to you.
  • Ask them to sit.
  • Put on the leash while giving them a treat.
  • Take the leash off and let them run around again.
  • Repeat steps 2-5 a few more times.

Pet Supplement brand YuMove reports that some dogs may throw a tantrum for attention—much like a child. If your dog starts acting like this, they suggest holding them as quietly as you can and don't make any noise. They suggest waiting for them to calm down, then praising them with a treat, and letting them go.

One user commented, "My three-year-old nephew is here and doing this exact flail and howl."

User QuietStorm wrote: "I think she doesn't like flannel lol I understand her sentiments towards it."

NotAHotMess said, "Girl is writing a STRONGLY written letter regarding this!!"

Newsweek has reached out to @ilolathehusky for comment.

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