Video of Dog Refusing to Eat French Fry Unless Dipped In Ketchup Goes Viral

Footage of a dog refusing to eat a french fry unless their owner dips it in ketchup is going viral with pet lovers online—but not everyone is impressed.

The video was uploaded to Reddit on Tuesday by user 3askaryyy, with the caption "Dip it man." It gained more than 37,000 upvotes in its first 12 hours on the platform.

The clip shows a Labrador watching as their off-screen owner enjoys a plate of french fries, accompanied by a dollop of tomato ketchup.

Every time the man reaches for a fry, the dog taps its nose against the bottom of his right arm.

After a couple of taps, the man relents and offers the dog a fry. However, the Labrador is unmoved.

Instead, the dog nods its head towards the ketchup in a clear hint to the owner to dip the french fry.

The man proceeds to dunk the fry in the ketchup before offering it to the dog. This time the canine accepts, scoffing down the snack as the clip ends. The video can also be viewed here.

One Reddit user, Bikouchu, branded the dog a "picky boy," but MycologistOk3880 said the Labrador was allowed to have "standards."

Other Redditors shared similar experiences, with Oolaroux writing: "Our doggo wanted potato chips, but only if you dipped them first."

Goukiteg offered an almost identical tale: "My wife had a pitbull mix that would turn down a fry if she couldn't smell the presence of ranch. It had to be dipped in the ranch before she would eat it."

Not everyone was a fan of the video, though.

MySockHurts said they "hate that feeding dogs food that isn't good for them is a trend on social media" while Merlin_Drake warned that the owner was in danger of rewarding "annoying behavior."

NoThisIsABadIdea defended the man, writing: "Do you feed yourself perfectly? As long as it's not literally toxic to the dog I don't see harm in a little treat."

Animal experts, however, are unequivocal on the question of whether you can give french fries to dogs—and the answer is no.

Dr. Heidi Houchen, an emergency/critical care veterinarian for VCA Northwest Veterinary Specialists in Oregon, told the website Dogster: "Feeding French fries or other fat-laden sweets can cause stomach upset and diarrhea at the very least."

She added: "For many pets, because of their size or breed or genetic predisposition, giving them even a small morsel of highly processed fatty food can create a nightmare of digestive upset that spirals into more serious disease."

Newsweek has contacted 3askaryyy for comment.

Pet dogs are known for taking a keen interest in the food and drink consumed by their owners.

A dachshund went viral this week after his owner discovered he had secretly been drinking her coffee every time she left the room. A few days earlier, a golden retriever attracted millions of views on Twitter after being caught trying to steal food off their owner's kitchen counter.

A dog and a french fry.
Stock images of a french fry being dipped in ketchup and a Labrador. A dog with a predilection for ketchup has divided opinion on social media. Andrii Pohranychnyi/Anna_Belova/Getty