Rescue Dog Ethan Wins $20,000 Salary Job As Canine Beer Taster for Busch

Proving that every dog has its day, a canine left abandoned for dead in a parking lot in Kentucky in January has capped a remarkable few months by being named the "chief tasting officer" for a new product by brewery giant Busch.

Ethan captured hearts nationwide with his fight back to health after he had been left emaciated outside Kentucky Humane Society's main campus in Louisville in January.

Weighing only 38 pounds, or half what he should have, animal experts worked hard to save his life. Veterinarian Emily Bewley described him as "the thinnest dog I have ever seen that is still alive," the Louisville Courier Journal reported.

Covered in feces and urine, the experts concluded that Ethan had been starved for weeks and so the battle was on to get him back on the road to health.

After being placed on IV drips, the dog had to be fed every two hours. Facing breathing and neurological symptoms, it was touch and go whether he would recover, but eventually, his condition improved.

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In March and now weighing a healthy 83 pounds, Ethan was adopted by KHS facilities director Jeff Callaway. In a post on KHC's Facebook page, Callaway said that "he is already such a huge part of our family.

"From the very beginning, it's always been about Ethan and what is best for him and his future," Callaway added, "I believe with all my heart he is in the right place."

We reviewed many great candidates for Chief Tasting Officer, but we’ve finally found our top dog.

Meet Ethan! He had a fur-rific resume and a perseverance that will inspire us for years to come.

Please give him a round of apPAWs! Thank you to all the pups who entered!

— Busch Beer (@BuschBeer) May 21, 2021

However, 2021 had more in store for Ethan. Last month, a contest for the job of chief tasting officer for the alcohol-free, bone broth, Busch Dog Brew, was announced. The job included an award of $20,000, $800 in pet insurance, and 10 four-packs of the brew so that the winner could crack open a cool one.

Busch said on its Facebook page it had considered many candidates but chose Ethan, who is described as, you guessed it, "top dog." The firm added in its statement—and those not partial to puns might want to look away now—"he had a fur-rific resume," adding, "Please give him a round of apPAWS!"

There was much public speculation about Ethan's breed. Following a DNA test, the KHA said that Ethan was a mix of Presa Canario, Mastiff, Argentine Dogo, Bull Dog, Cane Corso, and American Staffordshire Terrier.

In a statement to Newsweek, Callaway said: "We are very honored for Ethan to be the face of Busch Dog Brew. His story is amazing.

"Less than four months ago, there was a great chance he wasn't even going to make it. But strong determination, a vigorous will to live, and the love of people around him have given him the chance to be the very special soul that he truly is."

Ethan the dog rescued in Kentucky
Ethan was found abandoned in a carpark in Kentucky and was nursed back to health. Now adopted, he has netted a job as a taster for brewing giant Busch. Handout/Kentucky Humane Society

Update: 05/22/21, 10:53 a.m. ET: This article has been updated with a new image, and comment to Newsweek from the owner, Jeff Callaway, from the Kentucky Humane Society.