Dog Found at Bottom of Giant Hole in Georgia Reunited With Owner

A dog has been reunited with its owner after being rescued by firefighters and animal service officers from a giant hole in Georgia.

Cobb County Animal Services revealed in social media posts on Friday afternoon that the dog was discovered by local resident Ty McIntyre at the bottom of a large man-made pit earlier that day.

The agency revealed that McIntyre discovered the trapped dog while checking the property and its surroundings during a visit, before then calling the authorities to help rescue the animal.

"Thank you to Mr. Ty McIntyre who found this sweet dog. He was checking a property and found the dog in a hole," Cobb County Animal Services wrote in an Instagram post on Friday afternoon.

"@cobbcountyfire (Station 1) responded and with the help of ACO Huber the dog was freed unharmed. The owner was located shortly after. Great teamwork from all," the agency added.

In a separate statement on Facebook on Friday afternoon, Cobb County Animal Services confirmed that the dog was "rescued and unharmed" during the incident and was "reunited with his owner shortly after."

Several pictures of the scene were uploaded to the agency's social media pages on both Facebook and Instagram, showing the rescue and contextualising the depth of the pit that the dog was trapped in late last week.

Multiple firefighters from Cobb County Fire Station 1 alongside officials from Cobb County Animal Services were pictured at the scene, as members of the former used a ladder to bring the dog back up to safety.

At the time of writing, it is currently unclear how long the dog was down in the hole, or if the owner had contacted the authorities to report that their pet was missing prior to its discovery.

Several people commented on the the agency's two posts to social media on Friday, as Cobb County residents thanked the emergency services for rescuing the dog.

One user wrote: "Thank god she was found! And huge thank you to these heroes," as another person added: "Incredible job everyone!! So grateful to you all and glad the pup made it home to his family."

Others questioned why there was a hole that deep for the dog to fall into, with one resident writing: "What is this suspiciously grave-like hole?"

Another user wrote: "The possibility of this dog or another dog or a person ending up in here has me worried!" as several others urged the authorities to fill in the pit to prevent any future accidents.

Newsweek has contacted Cobb County Animal Services for additional comment about the rescue.

Firefighters rescuing dog from hole in Georgia
Firefighters alongside officials from Cobb County Animal Services rescue a dog from a hole in Georgia after it became trapped on 14 May. Cobb County Animal Services