Video of Dog Saying 'Good Morning' Every Day Has Viewers in Stitches

A video showcasing a Bernese mountain dog's unique way of greeting his owner every morning is spreading some much-needed cheer on social media.

Weller is part of a family of canines whose antics are regularly shared on TikTok under the handle TheBernerBunch. However, it's one of Weller's most recent clips that has drawn attention.

The video chronicles each of Weller's morning greetings to his owner Meredith over the course of a week and may have you believing dogs can talk.

While the jury is still out on whether canines can communicate with their human companions, speech pathologist Christina Hunger is a keen advocate of the concept.

She previously made headlines after teaching her dog Stella how to answer basic questions using a board featuring buttons that relayed simple instructions to her owner like "water" or "outside."

Weller's form of communication is a little more rudimentary than that. As the clip shows, it pretty much amounts to a noise that sits somewhere between a howl and a yawn. In several instances, meanwhile, it even sounds like he's saying the words "good morning" or at the very least mimicking his owner saying them.

Whatever the case, Weller's antics have proven popular as the resulting video has amassed 4.9 million viewers—with fans falling head-over-heels for the animal's distinctive canine drawl.

One viewer called them "the best morning greetings," while another wrote: "What is it with these Berner yawns! Mine makes the funniest noises when he yawns!"

"He had a lot to say," a third user commented.

Another person remarked: "please I'm gonna scream I need to borrow him."

Meredith told Newsweek that Weller came into her life at an important time just after the sad passing of two of her three dogs, Lady and Kylie. Both were Bernese mountain dogs along with Gita, having been rescued from an "awful backyard breeder" who had planned on putting them to sleep prior to Meredith's intervention.

Both Kylie and Lady passed away peacefully, and their deaths left Gita cutting a lonely figure around the house. "She was not her normal self," Meredith recalled.

In 2020, she decided to take action after receiving a call from the Bernese Auction Rescue Coalition, a non-profit organization dedicated to rescuing and rehabilitating Bernese mountain dogs.

"They had rescued six male puppies from a puppy mill," Meredith said. "A week later I drove 10 hours to Kansas to pick up one of the puppies from the foster home."

Named after the Kentucky Bourbon of the same name, Weller immediately took a shine to Gita. "She wasn't sure what to think of him at first, but with time, she grew to love him and they were best friends," Meredith remembered. "Weller brought out a younger, more playful side to Gita that I never even knew she had."

Gita sadly passed away a few months ago. While Weller misses his friend, he's remained a positive force in Meredith's life, helping her owner with volunteer work on fostering rescue Bernese mountain dogs before they find a new forever home.

"He is extremely goofy and is constantly making me laugh and smile every single day," Meredith said. "He is known for diving head first into the bushes in my backyard."

The lack of care shown to him while growing up in a puppy mill has left him with an angular limb deformity resulting in elbow dysplasia while he's set to undergo total hip replacement surgery on both sides.

But despite the limits that this has put on his movement, Meredith says Weller remains a "goofy, happy-go-lucky" dog who has developed his very own signature "scream yawns" like the ones seen in the video.

"He did them every time he woke up in the morning (or from a nap) as a puppy. He continued to do them as he grew and he still does them now," she said. "It makes me smile every single time he does it."

A fan of riding in cars and the occasional swim, and even though he can't say any other words just yet, Weller has never been shy of letting his owner know what he thinks—and long may it continue.

A Bernese mountain dog saying 'good morning!'
A Bernese mountain dog saying 'good morning!' - Weller's unique greeting has gone viral on TikTok The Bernese Bunch.

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