Dog With 'Staticky' Hair After Rubbing Itself on Couch Compared to Pokémon

From the French bulldog that will only drink bottled water to the Doberman "grieving" over his stuck tennis ball, the internet can't get enough of dogs being weird little guys.

The latest mutt to have a mad moment is delighting Pokémon fans on Reddit. One tiny terrier turned itself into a ball of static after rubbing itself all over its owner's new sofa, with fans dubbing the dog an "electric type."

Captioned "A very staticky little munchkin after rubbing herself all over the new couch," since being posted on Sunday by user downriverrowing, the video has received over 61,000 upvotes and nearly 400 comments from users loving the dog's drastic new 'do.

Majocalamity said: "I'm not up to date on all the new Pokémon but I'm sure that is an electric type."

Fuzzytradr agreed, joking: "And that's not even her final form."

Soapdropper believed the pup was a "Jolteon," whereas SmokyJosh suspected it was a "Yamper."

While TiSpork invented his own Pokémon, calling it a "Pikachihuahua."

Since the release of Pokémon Red and Blue in 1996, Pokémon has gone on to be one of the best-selling video game franchises of all time. With roughly 386 million units sold worldwide, the Nintendo-exclusive series is only surpassed by Tetris (496.4 million units), Call of Duty (400 million units) and Super Mario Bros. (387.7 million units).

The latest entry in the series, Arceus, was released in January 2022, and had sold 12.64 million copies by March. Electric-type Pokémon, including the franchise's mascot Pikachu, are one of the series' 18 elemental types. As their name suggests, they use electricity to shock or paralyze their foes. Their moves are super-effective against water and flying-type Pokémon, but electric-types are weak to attacks from dragon, grass and ground-types.

Non-Pokémon fans also enjoyed the video, and it wasn't long before the puns started rolling.

Jilangie commented: "Little munchkin seems ec-static with the new couch."

Ellynmeh said: "That dog is currently in charge."

Despite how common static electricity is, it's only recently that science has been able to explain why it exists. Scientists researching the nanoscale—studying objects a billionth of a meter or less—have discovered that if you zoom in far enough, you'll discover bumps and pits known as "asperities." Even the smoothest surface has asperities at the nano-level, and when rubbed together, these micro-imperfections cause friction.

Some users joked that the dog's electrical properties could be a risk to human health.

Pabut wrote: "When that pooch finally discharges it's going to be light a lightning strike."

BBQFlyer said: "I'd almost be afraid to touch the little thing!!"

Anna_88 commented: "Looks like this sweet cutie would zap you like a taser in the face."

Newsweek has reached out to u/downriverrowing for comment.

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Dog with “Staticky” Hair Compared to Pokemon
A stock photo of a Dachshund with hair sticking up due to static electricity. Reddit users compared the dog to electric Pokémon including Jolteon and Yamper. Deanne/iStock/Getty Images Plus