Dog Stopped From Fighting by Walking Away on Owner's Feet in Viral Video

A video of a dog being stopped from fighting by walking on his owner's feet has gone viral online, having been viewed 2.6 million times.

In the clip, shared to TikTok by an account called Miloandnoah, we can see that a Goldendoodle called Noah is jumping on a dog named Moose.

Noah, who is part Golden Retriever and part Poodle, is then swooped up by his owner and held by his front legs as his back feet are placed on the man's large white shoes.

The owner then walks forward so it appears as though the pup is dog is walking on his hindlegs as the man waves the pets paws, which looks adorable.

Miloandnoah captioned the cute video, which can be watched here, writing: "Moose is still under the blanket."

The clip has gained lots of traction online since it was posted on September 5, having been liked by a whopping 576,000 people.

More than 2,700 comments have been left beneath the video, with many people sharing their delight at the funny clip.


Moose is still under the blanket

♬ Ms. Saxon - Augie Bello

One TikTok user, known only as 'i', wrote: "I can't believe your making me adopt a Goldendoodle fine I'll do it."

Another person, Santiago, added: "You should be able to claim him on your taxes after this video."

IV typed: "Yeah thanks now I want a happy golden doodle too."

Oh.ow revealed: "I remember my dad and I used to do this all the time."

AnaLaura gushed: "This is the most effective way to de-escalate a situation."

Jack Sturton opined: "His little smile is why we should all wake up happy tomorrow."

Kat revealed: "I just got broken up to this... this made me smile."

Satans main h** commented: "Lol the way he did a mini stomp into your feet like 'yes now is my time to shine. Lez god dad'."

A video of another dog that has recently gone viral shows a Labrador puppy appearing to play the drums.

In the clip, shared to TikTok by Imperial Point Animal Hospital, we can see a small Labrador puppy sitting in front of an upturned metal bowl.

A veterinary technician named Taylor is holding the black puppy's arms, before a snare drum soundtrack kicks in.

The puppy's arms are then lifted up and down to bang the makeshift drum in time with a soundtrack.

The clip, which has been viewed 28.1 million times, has been melting many hearts online.

Newsweek have contacted Miloandnoah for comment.

A dog
A stock image of a dog. On TikTok a similar-looking pooch has gone viral for walking on his owner's feet. Getty Images