Hysterical Moment Adult Dog Purposely Tramples Over Puppy: 'So Avoidable'

A hilarious video of a dog trampling his little sister has gone viral on TikTok with more than 1.8 million views.

In the footage, posted by @mgkgill, a black poodle mix called Freya can be seen trying to come back into the house after playing in the snow. A larger yellow poodle mix named Finley goes outside, stepping on her head and almost dragging her back outside.

Finley looks back at Freya with an unimpressed look on his face before continuing on outside. One TikTok user commented: "This was so avoidable."

The caption reads: "Back when she was small enough for him to trample her (she was fine)."

Two poodles
Stock image of two poodles outside. A poor puppy called Freya has been trampled by her brother Finley in a viral TikTok video. Kurt Pas/Getty Images

According to website Science Daily, "The hierarchy in a group of dogs is not based on aggression but on submissiveness. A dog ranked lower in the hierarchy displays signals of submissive behavior towards dogs ranked higher. These findings have for the first time been substantiated by means of measurements."

Often referred to as "small dog syndrome," it's common to feel as if small dogs are harder to control than larger dogs.


Back when she was small enough for him to trample her 😬 (she was fine) #dogs #siblings

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A study from 2021 from the University of Veterinary Medicine in Vienna surveyed 1,276 dog owners. Their pets were divided by size: dogs that were larger than 44 pounds in one group, and others weighing less than that in another.

According to the American Kennel Club (AKC), the data showed that there were three major behavioral differences between the small and large dogs.

  • "Small dogs were less obedient (for example, they are not as reliable in responding to common commands like, "Sit," "Down," and "Come.")
  • Small dogs were more excitable and pugnacious (more likely to bark or growl at strangers, visitors, or other dogs.)
  • Small dogs were more anxious and fearful (easily spooked in strange situations, or when exposed to loud noises like thunder and fireworks, and nervous in the presence of strangers.)"

The AKC reports that the results appear to confirm the stereotypes that small dogs tend to be "less obedient, and more excitable, scrappy and skittish." The study found that inconsistent training, lack of shared activities, and a use of punishment all contribute to behavioral issues in dogs.

"The way he looked back like "you really gotta watch where you're going dude"," wrote TikTok user Sarah. "How did that go so wrong?" asked another.

Newsweek has reached out to @mgkgill for comment.

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