Neighbor Spots Old Dog Unable To Walk, Lends His Cart in Heartwarming Scene

A viral video has proven that maybe it's man who is dog's best friend, after a neighbor came to the rescue of a dog who was unable to finish his walk.

Zena Rodriguez shared the moment they offered a neighbor a wagon to take his elderly dog back home, after its legs wouldn't let it go any further.

"Saw this poor dog having a hard time walking, his legs kept giving out so we offered our wagon so he could make it home," she wrote on-screen, with footage of the kind gesture.

The man approached the neighbor across the street with a wagon to offer it as transportation. The dog was far too big to be carried the rest of the way and was too worn out to even climb into the wagon by himself.

Instead, his owner lifted it into its new ride, causing him to instantly slump down. "He said he took him a little too far this time," wrote Rodriguez in a comment.

According to PDSA, arthritis, joint and mobility problems, loss of sight, deafness, heart problems and dog dementia are among some common reasons elderly dogs find it harder to complete tasks.

The pet charity advises that owner's don't stop walking their dogs, but instead choose shorter, more gentle and familiar routes, so they are still able to get outside.

Despite the gesture being small, it saved the day for the dog and certainly hasn't gone unnoticed. With over 300,000 views, the video, which can be seen here, was met with users applauding Rodriguez for the move.

The video was later posted to popular Subreddit "Humans Being Bros," where kind gestures and moments of humanity are praised. The post gained over 74,000 votes.

"The way the dog just drops as soon as he gets inside the wagon just twists at my heart. That man was so kind," commented one user.

"My heart. That dog was so thankful for that wagon, it just collapsed into it like he ran a marathon," wrote another.

In fact, the video inspired other users to share similar anecdotes and memories of their own dogs becoming unable to walk like they used to.

"When I was in high school, I used to walk every day with the family dog, Sheena, around the county roads surrounding our house. Sometimes she and I would walk for hours. After I moved out, there was no longer anybody full of angsty teenage energy to burn anymore, so she just basically plodded around the three-acre farm for the next few years.

"When I came to my parents' house to visit years later when I was an adult and she was a very old dog, it was a beautiful day out, so my mom and I decided to go for a walk. Sheena slipped out of the house and went to follow us, like she always had for years and years. She got all the way to the end of the road, maybe about a city block and a half of distance, and she just sat down, unable to move. We had to go back and get the car to drive her back.

"Poor dog looked absolutely devastated that she couldn't walk with me anymore. The spirit was definitely there, but the body wasn't. We tried pulling a wagon, but it doesn't work well on gravel roads, and she didn't like it. It sucks seeing our pets get old," wrote one user.

Another recalled the lengths they went to make a local elderly dog feel comfortable despite growing old: "There was this old shaggy white lab in my neighborhood who I always saw sprawled out on random lawns, his owner standing on the sidewalk either kindly telling him to get up or just patiently waiting him out. I'd pass them while walking to the grocery store, which is a 45 minute round trip for me usually, and on the way back see that the dog had only moved a few lawns over in that time.

"I eventually asked if I could pet him, found out his name was Oscar and that he was 13 years old and it took him a long time to walk anywhere, and from then on I'd drop everything to say hi to Oscar when I saw him, sit right down on my butt on a random lawn to scratch his ears because he was too old to do it himself. He was so happy all the time. Squirrels could be zipping around near his yard, people could be walking their own dogs near him and those dogs would start barking when they saw him, it could be raining or snowing, he'd just be there looking around like, 'This is the best day of my life, everything is so interesting.'

"He took his final breath in his owner's arms earlier this year, they were devastated by his passing, but as far as any animal goes, us included, it's been a good life if you get to go out from nothing worse than old age while being reminded you were loved. I miss him a lot, he was the best."

Dog in a wagon
Stock image of a dog in a wagon. Getty Images