Dog Casually Using the Treadmill at Gym Delights Internet: 'Judgement Free'

Having a gym partner can make workout sessions far more manageable, and while some people might take another person, there are some gym-goers who take a four-legged workout partner with them.

When TikTok user @gabitabel3 was fitting in a workout session at the gym recently, some of the treadmills were already in use, most notably by someone's dog. The black dog managed to fit in a well-paced stroll on the treadmill as a way of beating the cold outside.

The American Kennel Club (AKC) notes that different dog breeds require varying levels of exercise to make sure they are active enough and get stimulation, without overdoing it and causing discomfort.

A quick walk might be enough for some dogs who don't enjoy long hikes, and the AKC offers other ideas for pet owners who still want to encourage their dogs to remain active.

Dog Enjoys Exercise On Treadmill
Stock image shows a dog on a treadmill. A gym-goer caught a dog fitting in a workout of her own as she walked on the treadmill beside her owner. eAlisa/Getty Images

Aside from a short walk, owners could take their dog swimming, play a game of fetch or tug of war, keep them moving up and down stairs, or even a game of hide and seek to keep them moving around.

Another suggestion from the AKC is to let the dog use a treadmill, which they suggest can "build endurance" and can be a good way of escaping inclement weather.

Allowing a dog to walk on a treadmill is a useful tool for dog owners with high energy breeds to help channel their enthusiasm into exercise, rather than causing mayhem around the house.

But as useful as it can be, it's also important to make sure the treadmill doesn't replace walks outdoors. Walking a dog outside allows them to explore the neighborhood, pick up scents and socialize with other dogs.

Canine fitness trainer Joe Nutkins believes that treadmills can help nervous dogs who can get scared when going out, or for conditioning a dog

Nutkins said: "Treadmills won't be a perfect option for all dogs in terms of fitness, but can be really useful to help with weight management as well as building up overall strength.

"It's a good way to start dogs moving a little after they have recovered from surgery, or when following a weight management program. Short sessions on a treadmill on a low setting can just start providing enough movement to begin some weight loss and muscle strengthening.

"In the cases of dogs who are nervous about leaving the house, fearful of people or dogs or are noise sensitive, using a treadmill can give them a way to exercise, focus and spend time with their owners."

Despite the many uses of a treadmill, Nutkins points out that any owner who wants to give it a go should speak with a vet or dog trainer first for guidance to make sure it's right for their situation.

The dog that @gabitabel saw at the gym seemed to be enjoying the treadmill, which went down well with TikTok users. The video was posted on January 31 and already has 1.4 million views, as well as 180,000 likes.

Among the hundreds of comments on the video, one user joked about how healthy the dog is being, as one person wrote: "Even the dog healthier than me, better hit the gym now."

Another bemused viewer commented saying: "The dog's like, isn't this a judgment free zone?"

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