Dog Who Can't Sleep Without Being Tucked Up Like a Human Goes Viral

We all have our own little bedtime rituals, but it seems that is not specific to humans because one miniature Dachshund also has an unwavering sleep routine.

In footage, shared to TikTok by an account called Pennyshortlegs, we can see the sweet pup, whose name is Penny, being stroked by her owner.

The brown pooch then clambers into her dog bed as the audio asks: "What is something your dog does that you don't even think twice about but any time anyone else sees it, it is either shocking or weird? I'll go first."

A hand then reaches across the dog to grab her blanket then wraps it round the pet and tucks it in at the sides.

Text overlaying the footage, which has gone viral with a staggering 11.4 million views, then explains that Penny "won't go to bed until tucked in."

The adorable video is captioned: "I suppose not shocking, but very cute [heart-eyed emoji] #dogsofttiktok #dachshund #fyp."

Since the clip was posted to the discussion-based site on January 14, it has gained lots of attention, having attracted more than 2.4 million likes and 60,100 shares.

Additionally, many people have rushed to the comments section to share their thoughts on the cute footage.

One TikTok user, Marlene Ciechalski, wrote: "His little jump to get it. [heart-eyed emoji] He's the cutest."

Another person, Jenna, added: "The little wrinkled paw [crying-face emoji]."

Amy McMillon521 typed: "One of mine waits to stretch in the morning until I'm watching full attn [attention] so I can say OH BIG STRETCHIES. He won't do it until I'm looking."

Jane Armour revealed: "My baby wont eat his breakfast till we scratch his head for a bit and tell him how loved he is and how he deserves to enjoy breakfast [laughing-face emoji]."

JustRachel stated: "Please tell me this little baby has laminated care instructions for their babysitter."

Bianca gushed: "Her eyes are literally '[sad-face emoji]'."

Nikk remarked: "Not to be dramatic but I would die for this dog."

Sam Erix commented: "Hope they have the best puppo dreams!!!!!!"

Recently, another Dachshund went viral online, this time in a video of a dog's hilarious reaction to receiving a blow dry by his owner.

In footage, shared to TikTok by an account called _Pasta_G_Tattoo_, we can see an adorable golden pooch, soaking wet and standing on a bath mat.

"When your dog is used to going to groomers and now you have to do it yourself [laughing face emoji]," explains the text overlaying the funny clip which shows the pet looking equal parts perplexed and nervous.

Newsweek have contacted Pennyshortlegs for comment.

Dog asleep
A stock image of a dog in bed. On TikTok one Dachshund cannot go to sleep without being tucked in with a blanket. iStock

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