Dog With Zoomies Tears Up Owner's Bed in Hilarious Video: 'What a Rascal'

A confused dog owner couldn't determine how their bed kept "getting unmade" each morning as they made coffee. So, they set up a camera and found that their dog has turned their bed into a morning play spot.

Posting to Reddit's "Awww" forum on Friday under the username u/JustRudy45, the dog owner shared surveillance footage that showed the dog, a German shepherd-husky mix with an apparent case of the "zoomies," tearing up the bed.

Already, the post has garnered more than 64,000 upvotes and over 1,000 comments from Redditors who thought the video was hilarious. A few even said that they've had similar experiences with their high-energy dogs, shedding light on some common dog behaviors.

The video opens with the dog running excitedly into the bedroom. Once it's passed the threshold, the dog grabs the chew toy lying on the ground and jumps up onto the bed. The dog then walks up and down the bed with the chew toy, tossing it around until suddenly, the toy flies off the bed.

Rather than grab the chew toy, the dog jumps off the bed, runs toward the hallway, turns around and promptly jumps back onto the bed. Finally, the video ends with the dog spinning in circles and playing with the bed's comforter.

"Morning zoomies!" exclaimed u/slacombe.

"This is hilarious lol. What a rascal," commented u/CurvyCupcakes.

"This made me smile so hard. Thank you for that," added u/anewfoundmatt.

Newsweek previously reported that the "zoomies," or bursts of energy called frenetic random activity periods (FRAPs), are seen in various domesticated and wild animals. Dogs, said the American Kennel Club, typically get the zoomies first thing in the morning, after a bath or at the end of a long day spent in a crate.

A few commenters argued that in u/JustRudy45's case, her dog's zoomies were likely due to a lack of exercise. And while it is true that German shepherds and huskies, and certainly a combination of the two, need a lot of exercise, the American Kennel Club explained that the zoomies are a "natural dog behavior" that can strike any breed at any time.

Other dog owners in the post's comments section said they could sympathize with u/JustRudy45's predicament.

"Haha! My dog does that all the time. I've given up making my bed at this point," u/WhisperinSoul admitted.

"Lol, my dog does this every day until he gets all the sheets off...ugh," shared u/Redditoreader.

Redditor u/gravewolf13 added: "Our female German Shepherd is notorious for unmaking beds. She just HAS to make a nest out of all the blankets and wiggle under them. She likes to fight her brother from under them. We just don't bother anymore."

Dog in bed
Posting to Reddit’s “Awww” forum on Friday under the username u/JustRudy45, a dog owner shared surveillance footage that shows their dog tearing up their bed. Some commenters said it was a way for the dog to release some energy. Prystai/istock