Dog's Adorable Habit of Petting Other Dogs at Daycare Goes Viral

A German Shorthaired Pointer by the name of Rosy is winning an army of new admirers online thanks to a video showcasing her apparent love of petting other dogs.

The dog's affectionate habit first came to light after a clip was posted to Reddit by Chasith. In the video, Ruby can be seen interacting with several different dogs throughout the day at the doggy daycare facility her owners placed her while they work. The clip can be viewed here.

A popular option for dog owners otherwise occupied in the daytime, The Dog People says there are several notable benefits to facilities of this kind that have been known to benefit dogs when it comes to things like "exercise and stimulation" and "socialization."

The latter is especially true of Ruby, if the clip posted to social media is anything to go by, with the playful canine using her paws to show affection towards other dogs in the facility.

Footage of Ruby's tactile approach has proven a hit with dog lovers on Reddit, where it has racked up more than 79,000 upvotes and nearly 700 comments.

While the original poster appeared convinced Ruby was attempting to pet the other dogs, others thought the gesture could have a different meaning.

"My dog does this too," CallMeBigPapaya wrote. "I think it's almost always her attempt to test the waters for wrestling."

"My dog does the same," CertainlyForgetful said. "About half the time it's because he wants to play and the other half is because he's either trying to get their attention or wants them to calm down."

ThePelicanWalksAgain commented: "Occasionally the dog is mimicking a human action, but usually when you see this the dog is trying to see if the other dog wants to play! It's similar to them doing a play bow, or shoving their butt in another dog's face." Clever_Userfame claimed a dog trainer told them it is something called "minor dominance behavior" and is "sometimes used to start play."

Away from the debate around what Ruby's actions might mean, some simply loved the adorable interactions of the dogs involved. Kooky_Plantain_9273 said: "I love the other dogs' confused reactions to getting pats from her" while 420yumyum thought Ruby was just "going around, introducing herself as the boss."

Newsweek has contacted Chasith for comment.

According to Dog's Best Life, the act of one dog pawing another dog "is a sign it's time to play."

"If the second dog is interested, they often respond by pawing. The message is now crystal clear to both of them, 'Let the games begin!'"

However, they say it can also represent "a sign of submission."

"In simple dog language, it's the dog's way of letting another dog know, "OK, you're the boss, and I am submissive."

Footage of Ruby's super-cute behavior comes hot on the heels of another similarly adorable video showcasing a Golden Retriever's hilarious reaction to getting caught trying to steal food.

In another brilliant canine viral clip, a Husky ended up becoming a social media star of sorts after his owner posted a video online showcasing the damage done to his house by the dog—along with his guilty response to being caught in the act.

A German Short-haired Pointer dog.
Stock photo of a German Short-haired Pointer - a dog by the name of Ruby has proven a hit on Reddit thanks to her affectionate habit. Nicholas Chase/Getty